Backlash of The Heavy Metal Puritans: Why Metal Needs To Expand Its Boundaries


To call my most recent column, The 15 Metal Bands, Young and Old, You Should Be Listening To In 2015 , polarizing, would be a disservice to some of the vitriolic commentary on the piece, proclaiming that I had tragically missed the mark. I don’t think I fully understood the gravity of the reality that I was writing for VH1 now; that the reach and impact of my words carried vastly more weight than before. The main gripe was that the list was not truly “metal” enough. This, I cannot argue. The “metal” tag was added to the title after I turned in the piece. I made a list of upcoming and established heavy bands (as I was assigned) that moved me, and that I believed needed to be heard and/or would have a significant role in making big waves in 2015. In my view, all of this lives under the umbrella of heavy music, or as Jamey Jasta would say, ”Loud amps in the face”, and not sticking to some arbitrary guidelines of what meets the benchmark for being “metal”.

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Celebrate No-Shave November With The 20 Greatest Beards In Heavy Metal

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Every November men around the world let their razors rust and let the facial hair flow as part of No-Shave November to help raise cancer awareness. Now as everyone knows, heavy metal is home to some of music’s most hirsute rockers and what better way to ring in the month than by checking out some of the greatest beards in the history of hard rock. Read more…


From Crabcore To Pornogrind: Metal’s 10 Most Ridiculous Subgenres

Since arriving in the form of Black Sabbath in the late 60s, the heavy metal genre has spawned some absolutely legendary bands, songs and sounds. But let’s be honest, sometimes the lengths some bands go to can get pretty ridiculous. The costumes, the hair, the stage shows, the overall Spinal Tap-ness. And while all those things are excusable and truthfully part of what make the genre awesome, there’s no excuse for some of the silly names that are attached to the various hybrids and stylistic mutations within metal itself A.K.A. THE SUBGENRE. Read more…