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Believe It or Not, It’s Pretty Damn Good To Be Ashanti These Days

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Ashanti is no longer hip-hop and R&B’s princess, but that’s not stopping her from living like one. You may have thought the singer peaked circa Ja Rule era, but you were wrong. Very wrong.

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15 Forgotten Christmas Albums + Songs From Megastars


Ahh, the Christmas album. It’s somewhat of an industry standard. You know you’ve made it when you’ve put out a hit holiday disc! But few are brave enough to take on the challenge and many decide to just test the waters with a Christmas single. Either way, the artists who try should be commended for their efforts, even if they’re forgotten over the years. Get ready to wipe the dust off of 15 festive albums and songs put out in years past by megastars.

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Former R&B Stars That Are Now Instagram Famous

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By Christopher Rosa 

Instagram works wonders, people. It can turn our favorite singers from the late ’90s and early 2000s into superstars all over again. Don’t believe us? Check out these nine former R&B stars who now rule Instagram. From va-va-voom bikini bods (hey, Ashanti) to rock-hard pecs (yes, you Craig David) these singers are setting the web on fire with their glorious #grams.

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Is Ashanti Revealing Too Much Skin on Instagram?

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-By Georgette Pierre

Less is more…at least when it comes to Ashanti’s Instagram pictures. Over the past couple of months, the R&B singer has been showing a lot of skin lately. But are the provocative photos a bit much?

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10 Pop/R&B Singers Who Sampled Rap Songs

With Ariana Grande taking over the radio with her hit single, “The Way,” fans of ’90s hip-hop may be experiencing some déjà vu. Her song samples Big Pun‘s hit, “Still Not A Player,” which reached no. 6 on Billboard‘s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart in 1998. Fifteen years later is back on the charts again has the backing track to the Nickelodeon actress turned pop star. However, she’s not the only R&B and pop star to take borrow from popular rap songs. Ashanti, Mariah Carey and Miley Cyrus are all guilty of reinterpreting rap songs (which reinterpreted hits from the ’70s and ’80s but we can get into that later).

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Ashanti And R. Kelly Are Honest About Their Slightly Crazy Tendencies In “That’s What We Do”

"That's What We Do"

Ashanti is not playing with any woman that calls her man Nelly (who we’re going to imagine she’s referring to) in her new duet “That’s What We Do” with R.Kelly. If she loves you then she’s going to, “Now I’mma look through your phone, and I’mma call back that number. I’mma curse out that h- and let her know to stay away from ya.” Kellz assists her on the hook co-signing her antics with, “’cause that’s what we do.” And let Ashanti tell it, doing all this snooping only means that she loves the guy. Read more…


Ashanti Turns Up the Heat with New Look in Jimmy Kimmel Performance

Ashanti’s back! Resurfacing from her nearly four year hiatus–her last album Declaration dropped in 2008– the once crowned princess of R&B has something to prove. Along with gearing up for her fifth studio album Braveheart, Ashanti revealed a smoking hot new look at her live performance on Jimmy Kimmel in LA. Her long curly burgundy red and black tresses bounced freely as she performed “The Woman You Love,” the explosive single from her upcoming album to be released June 19.  Her latest single is true to form– an amazing beat with lyrics that any woman whose been in love with no reciprocity can relate to. It doesn’t hurt that Busta Rhymes delivers an incomparable flow that only Busta could. In her performance she croons over the instruments, pleading to be the woman he loves. After making her case, she decides she’s fed up and sings, “You’re just no good.” Don’t mess with a woman scorned. With lyrics like that we wonder if the Braveheart title resembles her need to be brave to love again, or a warning to future boyfriends that he’ll need a brave heart to deal get with her. Ashanti looks great and sounds good. Girlfriend has even been working on her dance moves. Work, girl! Read more…

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Limp Bizkit Sign To Cash Money, Lil Wayne Says Ashanti Could Be Next

And you thought rap-rock was over! In an interview with Kiss FM, Lil Wayne talked about his time in prison and revealed some pretty interesting news, including a tid-bit that Limp Bizkit has signed to Cash Money records. Limp Bizkit are no strangers to the hip hop world, already with songs including “N Together Now” featuring Method Man and the “Rollin'” remix featuring Method Man, Redman and DMX. It will be interesting to see if the rap-rock craze of the early ’00s kicks off again — we don’t see why not, it’s a genre that hasn’t yet had its mainstream renaissance.

Another exciting piece of news came as Lil Wayne also revealed that Ashanti might be joining the Cash Money family. Yep, so you won’t ever have to say things like, “What ever happened to Ashanti?” or, “I miss Ashanti” or, “What’s Luv?” ever again. We’d love to see the diva with some of her own new tracks and yep, in one of the roles we love her best for: super sweet r’n’b vocals featured as the chorus to rap songs about love.

Lil Wayne Says Limp Bizkit Signed To Cash Money, Ashanti May Be Next [Rap Dose]

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Ashanti Might Marry Her ‘Good Friend’ Nelly

Everyone knows that Ashanti and Nelly are a couple – and every knows that every one knows, except the lovey-dovey pair. So when Ashanti spoke about her man this weekend, she of course kept it vague and unclear, even though we all know what’s going on. “Me and Nelly, we’re good friends. We kick it ? hang out a lot,” the singer coyly revealed. “The industry is very hard, so it’s good to have fun and lighten it up.”

But wait! Ashanti kept going, and she dropped a tiny info bomb when asked he she and her man might be marrying soon. “”Oh no. Noooo! No engagement. But definitely in the future. Ha! Ha!”

Is she teasing us or telling the truth? Either way, we hope there’s a ring involved. [People]