Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy: Who Are The 20 Greatest Supergroups In Heavy Metal And Hard Rock?

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Supergroup: n. The meeting of individual musical minds from separate iconic bands who attempt to combine their unique powers in order to create something totally new (Ok, not an official definition by any means, but that about sums it up). Read more…

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That Metal Show Season 8 Outtakes: Tom Morello & dUg Pinnick On Their Illinois Roots

In less than 2 months That Metal Show will make its return to VH1 Classic and its birthplace of New York City. To get you in the mood we’ve gotten our hands on some awesome backstage extras from past seasons and will be rolling them out each week leading up to the TMS Season 13 premiere on January 18th. This week see what happens when Rage Against The Machine guitar hero Tom Morello and King’s X singer and bassist dUg Pinnick talk about their first concert experiences and their shared Illinois roots. Read more…

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Rick Rubin’s Top 10 Comeback Albums

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Bearded guru of the recording studio, Rick Rubin has been one of music’s top producers since making his bones as staff producer and creative head of Def Jam Records in the early ‘80s. While his seminal work with Run-D.M.C., LL Cool J and The Beastie Boys cemented his status early on, starting with 1990’s American Recordings by country legend Johnny Cash, Rubin has become the go-to guy for artists trying to recapture their mojo and launch a career comeback. Like any truly great producer, Rubin’s greatest asset is his ears and his ability to match artists with great material or bring out the greatness of their own talents. It’s no wonder everyone from Jay-Z, for whom he produced “99 Problems,” to heavy metal hall of famers Black Sabbath have him on speed dial. The following are the greatest comeback albums he has produced.

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“What Is Soundgarden, Alex?”

What Is Soundgarden, Alex?

Have people really forgotten about Soundgarden, arguably the third most-influential band of the Grunge era*? We here at VH1 would certainly concede that the band’s popularity has waned since their mid-’90s heyday, but we had no idea things had gotten so dire for them out there in the “real world.” Our own SoundScanner author, Adam Graham, was watching Jeopardy last night when he saw the three contestants draw a total blank at the following clue: “In 2012, ‘Been Away Too Long’ Was The First Single Off This Chris Cornell Band’s First Album In 16 Years.” (We have the Vine’d clip for you below.)

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Fine Wine: 15 Men in Music Who’ve Aged Remarkably Well

As the Red Hot Chili Peppers release their tenth studio album this week, we can’t help but daydream ruminate about how much of a sex symbol frontman Anthony Kiedis was—who could forget the sock?!—and still is. Time has been kind to Mr. Suck My Kiss, and he is definitely not alone in that regard; there’s an entire legion of men in music whose good looks and sex appeal have fermented in the manner of a perfectly-mature wine.

Whether you grew up with one of their faces taped to your Trapper Keeper or you’re old enough to be their mom, there’s a hunk on this list for you. From rock to hip hop, songwriters to bass players, we’ve got Arena Gods, men who are Good With Their Hands, Smooth Operators, International Flavors, and like the Chili Peppers’ singer, Spicy Sex Symbols. Keeping it simple, we’re celebrating the 45 to 70-year-old vintages by exhibiting their physical evolution through their respective careers. You’ll be taking in images from when they got their start, their “middle years,” and how they look in the present. Take a moment to step into the wine cellar and relish in each man’s beauty of the past and, at the end,?toast to their continued maturing in the future by weighing in on who you think has aged best. Apologies in advance for the ladyboners!

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