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The 15 Most Shocking Rock Star Arrests In Music History

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Rock ‘n’ roll is packed with rebellious bad boys (and bad girls!) who drink, fight, have tantrums, and just generally do things their-way-or-the-highway-dammit! But occasionally, some combination of drugs, booze, ego, money and general rock star excess pushes them over the line, and that’s what police get involved. Sometimes it’s fairly light-hearted stupidity (usually involving urination), but others times it’s far more serious, and changes the way we think about them and their music forever.

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Rockers Off Their Rockers: 25 Musicians Who Went Kind Of Cray-Cray

25 Musicians Who Went Crazy

They say that there’s a fine line between genius and insanity, which might explain why some of our all-time favorite musicians have a tendency to go off the rails every now and then. Whether obsessive, reclusive, ego-maniacal, or just plain weird, the biggest names in the pop occasionally…errr, flip their lid. Sometimes it’s just a momentary lapse of reason (looking at you, Mariah Carey and Kanye West), sometimes it’s wayyyy too many drugs (love you, James Brown), and other times it’s just wayyyy too many yes-men.

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Tuned In: Axl Rose Really Loves Halloween, And Other Things We Learned From His Interview With Jimmy Kimmel

Last night was a good one for late night watchers, who had musical performances from the Lumineers, No Doubt, the Whigs and Two Door Cinema Club to chose between, as well as President Barack Obama on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the rarely seen Axl Rose on Jimmy Kimmel Live. This being Rose’s first live interview (as you’ll remember, Vh1′s That Metal Show sat down with the rock star last fall) in nearly two decades, we suspect the choice of which channel to chose was an easy one for rock fans. Axl arrived on-time (“It’s a miracle!” Rose laughed) and to a very excited audience. And while he didn’t have much to offer as to why he chose to break the wall of silence — though we suspect the timing might have something to do with Guns N Roses’ upcoming Las Vegas residency — but Axl gamely answered all Kimmel’s questions otherwise, and generally seemed the be enjoying himself. Read more…

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Axl Rose Agrees To Jimmy Kimmel Interview (But Don’t Forget That Metal Show Got Him First!)

The notoriously press-shy Axl Rose made tsunami-sized waves today when it was revealed that he plans to swing by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on October 24 for his first live television interview in more than 20 years. Well, the “live” part might be true, but let’s not forget that VH1 Classic‘s own Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson scored Axl’s first televised interview in 20+ years last November when W. Axl himself appeared on That Metal Show. (Watch above!)

Of course, a lot has happened to Axl since he appeared on TMS last fall; there was the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame debacle, a legendary concert at the Ritz, and even a rumored dalliance with Lana del Rey. So, it’s not as if Jimmy will be struggling to come up with questions for the frontman of Guns N’ Roses. We just wanted to remind hard rock and heavy metal fans that VH1 Classic was the first TV network to score an interview with the media-phobic frontman since his band’s mid-90s meltdown, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t already set our DVRs to tape JKL! on October 24.

Axl Rose Doing ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ in TV Return [The Wrap]

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Last Lap: The US Olympic Swim Team Performs Their Own Lip Dub Of “Call Me Maybe”

We’re not exactly sure where this picture of Axl Rose wearing a Missoni robe came from, or who his galpal is, but one thing we are sure of is that this picture sort of gives us the creeps. [Dangerous Minds]

Your favorite US Olympian swimmers (Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, etc.) are the latest squad of athletes to go cray for Carly Rae Jepsen (who, we should point out, is Canadian). We’ll overlook their lack of patriotism this time around. [Vulture]

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Eddie Trunk On The Axl Rose Controversy: “Knowing What I Know About The Hall, I Like Him Even More For Standing Up To This Whole Thing”

The buzz surrounding the rock royalty that will be in attendance for the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame’s 2012 induction ceremony this weekend is currently being overshadowed by the buzz surrounding the one person who will NOT be in attendance. Of course, we’re talking about the one and only W. Axl Rose, who gave the Hall the proverbial middle finger last night with his open letter declaring his refusal to be inducted alongside his former bandmates in Guns N’ Roses.

This declaration has sent shockwaves through the tight-knit community of hard rock supporters, so we thought who better to reach out to help us contextualize these developments than the host of That Metal Show himself, Mr. Eddie Trunk. Eddie has been communicating with his fans through his official @EddieTrunk Twitter account ever since the news broke, but we were able to get him on the phone earlier afternoon for an extended conversation about these controversial events. We caught up with him when he was playing blackjack (and winning!) at the Revel Casino in Atlantic City, and as you might expect, he had LOTS to share about Axl, the likelihood of an eventual GNR reunion, his interest in creating an institution to rival the RRHOF, and his disdain for the Hall’s inductee selection process.

“I’ve got to say, I was not surprised at all. Anybody who has followed, listened or watched me knows that not only do I have disdain for the Hall and the way they treat rock bands, but I never thought there was a chance in hell that Guns N’ Roses would play. Reading his letter, of course there’s deeper things there. Axl’s a complicated guy, everybody knows that. I thought it was extremely remote that Axl would ever show up.”

“When we sat down to talk to him about it on That Metal Show, he seemed like it was at that point he wanted to take a look at it and see what was involved in it. Judging from his letter, he clearly did look at it, had conversations with them, and saw that it wasn’t for him. Here’s why I think that this happened: He had issues with the Hall. Listen, if he doesn’t even want to be inducted, obviously something really went wrong there in the discussions. Purely speculating, I can tell you that this is a guy, for right or wrong, completely wants to promote and embrace his current band. This induction is NOT about his current band; they’re not included. He saw this for what it really was. If he stands up on stage with Slash and those guys, it’s going to throw a huge gallon of gas on this reunion outcry, and it’s the last thing he wants. I know the fans want it, but I can tell you this: I know all of the original members of GNR better than Axl, and none of them, with the exception of maybe Steven Adler, ever talk about a reunion. They’re all focused on their other projects.”

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Read Axl Rose’s Open Letter To The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Wherein He Declines To Be Inducted Alongside His Former Guns N’ Roses Bandmates

Axl Rose Gives The Finger To The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame

May the bridges I burn light my way!

Ever since it was announced that Guns N’ Roses would be inducted as part of the 2012 Class of the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, the question on everyone’s lips has been “Will the original lineup of GNR reunite for a one night only performance?” Well, as it turns out, we have been asking the wrong question all this time.

Last night, Axl Rose shocked the world when he sent an open letter addressed to “The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Guns N’ Roses Fans and Whom It May Concern.” Not only will he not be performing alongside Slash, Duff, Steven and Izzy, but he won’t even be attending the ceremony AT ALL. But that’s not it. He’s even instructed the RRHOF Committee not to induct him into the Hall, period. As he writes, Axl “strongly request(s) that I not be inducted in absentia and please know that no one is authorized nor may anyone be permitted to accept any induction for me or speak on my behalf.”

Here’s the complete text of the letter, courtesy of the L.A. Times:

To: The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Guns N’ Roses Fans and Whom It May Concern,

When the nominations for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame were first announced I had mixed emotions but, in an effort to be positive, wanting to make the most of things for the fans and with their enthusiasm, I was honored, excited and hoped that somehow this would be a good thing. Of course I realized as things stood, if Guns N’ Roses were to be inducted it’d be somewhat of a complicated or awkward situation.

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Slash On Why The Guns N’ Roses Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Reunion Probably Won’t Happen: “Axl Hates My Guts”

The Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame is set to induct heavyweight acts like Guns N’ Roses, the Beastie Boys, and Red Hot Chili Peppers on April 14, but there’s one open question that’s overshadowing the whole affair: Will Axl Rose bury twenty-plus years of beef and reunite with Slash, Duff, Steven Adler, Izzy Stradlin and the rest of the original lineup of GNR for a one-night only performance? As much as we’d like to report otherwise, we would strongly advise you against holding your breath.

When Axl turned up on That Metal Show last year, he was diplomatic about the prospects of the reunion, intimating that he had recently broken bread with Izzy and Duff. Then last month, former GNR drummer Matt Sorum didn’t slam the door on reunion rumors, but also confessed that “I’m not the guy to ask, I just hope it works out.” However, in an interview with Rolling Stone that was just published, Slash all but crushed GNR fans’ hopes for a reunion.

“This is a subject I’m dead sick of talking about,” he told RS. “Everyone has been asking me what’s going to happen, and they know as much as I do. I feel you’re totally obligated to be present and I would love to f***ing play, but it’s just something that’s not gonna happen for whatever reason.” When pressed for further explanation, he added “[Axl] hates my guts. It’s over a lot of different stuff; I don’t even know. There’s just no communication between us. I talk to Duff and Steven, but when it comes to old Guns N’ Roses, there really isn’t anybody that makes decisions [besides Axl].”

We really wish this was a late April Fool’s Day joke, but sadly, it appears as if this is one reunion that’s never going to happen.

Slash: ‘Axl Rose Hates My Guts’ [Rolling Stone]

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