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Azealia Banks Responds To Angel Haze’s Diss Track With “No Problems” [Updated]

Ding, ding, ding! Here we are, back for round two. Yesterday we watched with our heads hung low as Angel Haze and Azealia Banks duked it out on Twitter over — well, we’re still not really sure what (and this tweet from Haze’s manager suggests that there might be more to the feud than we’ve yet seen). But then Haze dropped a fiery and undeninable dis-track called “On the Edge” and our ears perked. We aren’t here for the cat fights, but a good old fashion, set it in wax diss duel between two artists each talented and promising in her own right? This could be fun.

Today Banks takes her turn. “Lol I def used that energy to write a fly new jam tho. It’s not even a diss anymore! Haha !!!” she wrote as an introduction to “No Problems,” her biting response to “On The Edge.” “Who her? I’m a true star /This bitch brawl got blue balls/ Hard pressed ’cause I took off/ I’m form fresh from New York,” she shrugs, rounding back to the seemingly innocuous tweet that started this spat.

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Are Beyonce And Lady Gaga Cooking Up Something “Ratchet?”

Has Beyonce convinced you she has a little ‘hood in her yet? Or at the very least that she’s not this shy boring persona all the time?

Even the biggest Beyonce fan has admitted that her personality can be a bit dry. Her overly-private and “shy” nature has been great for remaining above the tabloid drama, but hasn’t necessarily made her the most interesting celebrity. Luckily, her mystique carries a certain appeal. Once Bey said hello to 30 and motherhood, she slowly cracked the window for the public to see a little bit more of her life through Tumblr and most recently Instagram. Read more…

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Azaelia Banks Does It Like Bad Bitches Do It On Her New Trap Rave Track “BBD”

Azaelia Banks sees Rihanna‘s diamonds and ups her a whole Diamond District in “BBD,” the new track she shared on all her internet channels — check her Twitter, check her Facebook, check her Tumblr — in the early hours of the new year. “BBD” has Banks going off in her usual tongue-twisty way about how bad bitches do it over a hydraulic beat that is, by her own accurate description, “Trap, but Rave. it’s Banjee, But still a lil classy.” We might also point out that there’s an almost comedic bellowing horn and a wormy synth line, and that there’s a nice nod to ’90s new jack swing heroes Bell Biv Devoe (another BBD) and New Edition.

Banks’ much hyped debut full-length Broke With Expensive Taste is supposed to drop February 12, and “BBD” may or may not be on there. It’s definitely not an “official single”(that’ll be a song called “Miss Amor”), and while “BBD” may or may not be on the track list, it sure does all the right work to get us hyped. “Fine, feminine — I whip that whoop,” she warns before firing off a truly bad bitch challenge: “Damn fam, what ya man gon do?”

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The Best Songs Of 2012 (According To Your Friendly Neighborhood VH1 Staffers)


When we began compiling our Best Songs of 2012 list, there were many differing opinions, and after briefly toying with the idea of pitting all our staff against one another in a Hunger Games fight-to-the-death scenario against the backdrop of Times Square, we conceded that the most diplomatic and least murderous thing to do would be to each submit our own list. You know, in the name of preserving a civil work environment and whatnot (not to mention our longstanding policy of avoiding contact with the human resources department). So while we didn’t battle it out in a conference room or some such nonsense, each one of us faced an internal battle — choosing our favorite songs of the year.

As far as consensus is concerned, there were 21 songs that appeared on multiple ballots, but only eight that appeared on three or more lists: Carly Rae Jepsen‘s “Call Me Maybe” (4 ballots), Frank Ocean‘s “Pyramids” (4 ballots), fun.‘s “We Are Young” (4 ballots), Gotye‘s “Somebody I Used To Know” (3 ballots), P!nk‘s “Just Give Me A Reason” (3 ballots), Usher‘s “Climax” (3 ballots), Azealia Banks‘ “212″ (3 ballots), and Miguel‘s “Adorn” (3 ballots).

(Btw, before we get into this, we’d like to note that we put together the following Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure: VH1 Staffers Pick Their Favorite Songs Of 2012. It’s sequenced in alpha order by artist first name, so we wholeheartedly recommend you hit Shuffle while listening to this 92 track playlist. Now, on with the show…)

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Both Rihanna and Azealia Banks Surf The Web IRL, Get Slack From Internet Artists

Just hours after Rihanna performed her single “Diamonds” on Saturday Night Live in front of a backdrop seemingly pulled right off Tumblr dashboards, Azealia Banks dropped a music video for “Atlantis” that featured similar Lisa-Frank-Meets-Seapunk aesthetics. Was it purely coincidence or did Rihanna’s SNL performance and Azealia Banks’ new video for “Atlantis” both pull from the same Internet aesthetic? And do either of them have to answer to the crew of Internet artists that have been calling foul?

You be the judge.

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Azealia Banks Dives Deep Into Crystal Waters’ Territory With “Luxury” Video

Though she’s been spotted all around the world — London, Paris, Milan — recently, but Azealia Banks is back and repping her hometown of New York in the new Clarence Fuller-directed video for “Luxury,” a sleek house track off of her Fantasea mixtape. The video finds her dancing on a rooftop with the Empire State Building behind her and voguing in the extra-gritty for the black-and-white streets of Chinatown, all the while looking very ninities chic like she wont be in a cropped turtleneck and suspenders. The whole affair dives deep into Crystal Waters‘ territory, Banks’ “Your l-l-l-love, my l-u-x-u-r-aye’s” mirroring Waters’s “La di da’s,” and all being just one homeless mime short of the “Gypsy Woman” video. Read more…


Azealia Banks Said Beyonce Gave Her The ‘Get Your S— Together’ Look When They Met For The First Time

Azealia Banks Is Bisexual And Cried When She Met Beyonce

One thing Azealia Banks can add to her “moments that have happened to very few others” list is Beyonce looking at her like, “Girl, get your s—- together.” At least that’s what the Young Rapunzel told Rolling Stone. Apparently Banks started crying once she realized Bey had been watching her goof around with Kanye West at the Met Ball. “Yes, and I met her – and I cried! It was so embarrassing,” the rapper told Rolling Stone. “It was at the Met Ball. I was f—— around with Kanye and she was sitting there, chilling and eating dinner. I freaked out. And I realized she saw me being a dummy and I started crying. Then I saw her expression, like, ‘Girl, get your s— together.’ I had to walk away and get myself together and pat my face, then come back to properly say hi!” Now that’s a story you tell your grandkids. Read more…


Azealia Banks Goes Retro In “1991″ By Channeling Madonna And Aaliyah

Visually Azealia Banks owns the vogue and vintage look and feel in her videos. It’d be easy to mistake her for a high fashion model opposed to the Harlem bred speedy tongued rapper she is. Directed by Justin Mitchell “1991″ brings, well, 1991 back in style. A black pants suit has rarely looked as glamorous as it does against a white backdrop or in a blue room studio or behind a raindrop covered glass. Her aggressive lyrics directly contrast with the smooth house electronic instrumentation, which is what makes the song sound heavenly. Read more…

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Two Door Cinema Club, Azaelia Banks, And Green Day: What You Missed At The Reading Festival

Another year, another rocking late-August weekend at the Reading Festival. The annual U.K. festival stunned this year, with highly anticipate sets from the Foo Fighters, At The Drive-In, Kasbian and The Cure; roaring young acts like Azealia Banks, Odd Future and Florence + The Machines; and surprise appearances from Two Door Cinema Club and Green Day. We didn’t make it across the seas in time for the fest, but lucky for us those who did have got us covered. Didn’t make it either? Check out five sets from the three day fest that we wouldn’t have missed, courtesy of YouTube!

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Azealia Banks Has The ‘Good-Good, Yum-Yum’ In “Van Vogue”

Conversation around the Harlem bred rhyme spitter usually revolves around the controversy–mainly Twitter beefs. Lately Azealia Banks is working overtime to put the focus back in the music where it belongs. “Van Vogue” is a fetch video exemplifying why a new artist like herself has already garnered the attention of designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Alexander Wang. In front of a black backdrop Banks prances around spitting lyrics. At one point she’s floating in the water before voguing with black studded lipstick. Read more…