Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy: Who Are The 20 Greatest Supergroups In Heavy Metal And Hard Rock?

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Supergroup: n. The meeting of individual musical minds from separate iconic bands who attempt to combine their unique powers in order to create something totally new (Ok, not an official definition by any means, but that about sums it up). Read more…

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20 Metal Bands That Are So Awesome They Named Songs After Themselves


The name remains the same. Or at least it does for the following bands. Ever since heavy metal pioneers Black Sabbath kicked off the album Black Sabbath with the song “Black Sabbath” many have taken a cue from the masters and saved their most killer riffs for songs that embody the band themselves in both spirit and literally, in name. From Motorhead, whose first single was the classic “Motorhead,” through thrashers like Anthrax and Exodus and all the way up to modern day ragers Children Of Bodom and Dimmu Borgir, the theme or signature song is an essential part of heavy metal’s tribal culture. Hell, it’s such a cool thing to do even hardcore punk bands like Minor Threat and Bad Religion got into the act, but hey, that’s a different list. Anyhow, scroll through the pages, stream the videos and check out 20 kick ass metal jams that are named after their creators very own kick ass metal bands.  Read more…

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That Metal Show Season 9 Outtakes: John 5 + Paul Rodgers Mutual Admiration Society

In less than 2 months That Metal Show will make its return to VH1 Classic and its birthplace of New York City. To get you in the mood we’ve gotten our hands on some awesome backstage extras from past seasons and will be rolling them out each week leading up to the TMS Season 13 premiere on January 18th. This week see what happens when Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 bows down before the “Voice of God,” legendary Bad Company vocalist Paul Rodgers.  Read more…