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10 Fantasy Music Duets That Would Make Dreams Come True


By Christopher Rosa 

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing two of your favorite singers come together for a duet, and we’ve been lucky enough to experience some pretty fantastic ones. But we still can keep on dreaming, and the possibilities are endless with the amount of incredible artists out there. We decided to play musical matchmaker and dream up 10 collaborations that would make the world cry, rage and end all its problems. And yes, Beyoncé is involved. 

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Song Remixes That Are Better Than The Original


It’s rare that we like a remix of a song better than the original. Remixes can sometimes change our favorite songs to pumping club bangers that are more headache inducing than anything else, and can often destroy an already superior track with dub step breakdowns. But from time to time, a remix comes along that’s so good it puts a song on the map. That’s right: there are some unique instances where a remix has actually been better than the original song. Some of these remixes are even responsible for turning sleepers into iconic hit songs.

R. Kelly knows that a remix can keep a song hot and fresh out the kitchen. Britney Spears knows that a remix can drive you crazy. Jagged Edge knows that the power of Run DMC is life altering. Even Beyonce knows that to make a song truly flawless, sometimes a remix is the ticket. While not every remix of a song is a home run, read on to find out which remixed songs were so good they eclipsed the original.


These Hilarious Beyonce Fan Tumblrs Will Make You Love Queen Bey Even More

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If there’s one person in the world we love above all others, it’s Beyoncé (sorry, Mom). Since our hearts are squarely in Queen Bey’s camp, we couldn’t help but find others who share our joy -especially if they demonstrate their fandom in inventive and hilarious ways. Many of these folks take to Tumblr, making amazing ‘Younce-themed memes that have us laughing til we  cry.

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Beyonce’s Video Vanguard Award: VH1 Predicts How It’ll Go Down At The VMAs


MTV announced that Beyoncé will not only be performing at this year’s Video Music Awards but she will also be honored with the prestigious Michael Jackson Vangaurd Award. Winners in the past include Justin Timberlake, who performed a mind-blowing medley of hits with a resurrected ‘N SyncBritney Spears, who watched as a bunch of fierce little girls performed the most iconic Britney music video sequences, and of course MJ himself. This year, we are so excited for the all too-deserving Beyoncé to accept her award that we started to predict every single step leading up to Queen Bey’s big moment.

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