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How Excited Are YOU For The OutKast Reunion At Coachella?

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The rumors were true. OutKast is performing at this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, sharing the stage for the first time since 2004. That’s definitely cooler than a polar bear’s toenails.

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Big Boi Is Tired Of The Outkast Questions ‘Cause ‘Ain’t Nothing Wrong’ With Their Relationship

The Outkast saga continues as we’re reminded daily that we shouldn’t expect any new music from the southern pair. See, as music lovers everyone got all excited about the possibility of a reunion when Big Boi added his verse to Frank Ocean‘s “Pink Matter.” Then there was talk about an added Big Boi verse on T.I.‘s “Sorry” that already featured Andre 3000. An educated guess led us all to believe that the logical next step was an actual Outkast song that we’ve waited for for six long years. But nope. 3 Stacks had to go kill our dreams with the statement on “what this is … and what it isn’t.” Read more…


Andre 3000 Wants Us All To Simmer Down: Says New Big Boi Remixes Are Not Outkast Collaborations

Outkast is not getting back together any time soon. No matter how much we hope, plead or wait around, it’s not happening. Andre 3000 wanted to clear up all of the reunion talk after Big Boi’s verse surfaced on a remix of Frank Ocean‘s “Pink Matter” and an alleged new Big Boi verse on T.I.’s “Sorry.”  Overjoyed with the pair on one track together for the first time in eons, the word “reunion” was thrown around heavily. That’s not the case, Andre 3000 told Spin.

“It’s important for me to be clear about the origins of my contributions to ‘Pink Matter’ and ‘Sorry,’ he told the magazine. “I was approached as a solo artist by both Frank Ocean & Tip. I discussed musical direction with each artist and completed my verses. It was after that when Big Boi’s name came up.” Because he’s well aware the fans want a collaboration from the dynamic duo who ushered southern rap into New York radio, he doesn’t want anyone to be confused. “I never want to mislead our audience – I worried that some would think these were Outkast collaborations. These songs are not Outkast collaborations. I understand that anyone can put out an unofficial remix to any song but I have an obligation to be honest with fans about what this is … and what it isn’t.”

We get it. It’s not an official reunion. And we may have to deal with the fact you guys are never ever getting back together.

Andre 3000 Releases Statement on New “Outkast” Remixes [SPIN]

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We’re Finally Going To Hear Big Boi And Andre 3000 On A Track Together After All These Years

Big Boi came back in the game figuratively screaming, “I will not lose.” Aside from the positive reviews Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors has received, we finally will get the Andre 3000 and Big Boi reunion we’ve impatiently waited six years for. There’s no Outkast album that we know of in the works, but Big Boi is planning on adding a verse to Frank Ocean‘s “Pink Matter,” which already features 3 Stacks.  Read more…

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Big Boi Reads How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Saves Christmas

Vice’s Noisey saved Christmas by wrangling the great Big Boi – or, as he’ll tell you: aka Sir Lucious L Left Foot aka Daddy Fat Sax aka Hot Tub Tony aka Sylvester the Unskippable aka One Half Of The Mighty Outkast — into reading Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the full edition, for children and adults and rap fans with internet access and nine or so minutes to spare the world wide.

Being the adept rapper that he is, Big Boi moved easily through the particularly tongue-twisty bits (“snarl with a sneer that tomorrow’s Christmas, it’s practically here”), but did get thrown off his game for a second when a stray car horn blared from the streets into his cute little Christmas scene. Once Christmas was saved — in the story, and with his reading, he offered a warm, ATLien greeting: “I would like to wish you and yours a very happy holidays — or, seasons skeetings from the one and only Big Boi.” Read more…

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Big Boi And Cudi Want To Make You Love Them With “She Hates Me”

We can’t speak directly to the “breath stinkin'” or the “broken weaslin'”, but one thing we can’t imagine hating Big Boi for is his music. And so where he really loses us in his new lovelorn Kid Cudi collaboration “She Hates Me” is when he tries to convince us that, “Recently she even seems to hate on all my songs.” Has this woman he so loves really not heard any of these new Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors tracks? Not the hometown banger that is “In the A”? Or the so-slick “Lines,” featuring A$AP Rocky? Because she might think she hates him, but we certainly can’t. Read more…

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If You Squint Hard Enough, It’s Like Outkast Is Back: Andre 3000 Joins T.I. For “Sorry” And Big Boi Serves “In The A”

Earlier this month, Big Boi suggested to the Village Voice that his long time partner in crime Andre 3000‘s absence on his upcoming album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, due out December 11th, was a matter of priority — the no good, very bad news: “He had to do some Gillette shit. No for real.” — before calling his comments back and calling for an end to all questions Outkast related. The two ATLiens insist things are good between them, and with past label drama settled they are free to make music together as they please; but unfortunately, for one reason another and to the great dismay of Outkast-stans far and wide, they aren’t. But they are both still making music, and both had something new to share yesterday: Big Boi, his banging hometown anthem “In The A;” and as for Andre, his much-anticipated feature on T.I.‘s “Sorry.” It’s not a new Outkast song exactly, but if played in quick succession, these two songs might be of some consolation to yearning fans.

Let’s listen: