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Big Boi Previews Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors In Brooklyn

Last night Big Boi previewed a handful of songs from Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors at a Def Jam hosted event Converse Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn, Def Jam hosted a preview for the album. The crowd milled as Big Boi’s Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty spun on loop, jumping to attention only once the evening’s host, DJ Cutmaster Swift, turned it over to Outkast classics — “ATLiens,” “Rosa Parks,” “B.O.B.” — to get the crowd hyped while we waited on the cause de celebre. Big Boi showed up just as “SpottieOttieDopalicious” wrapped, in a camo jacket and with a heavy looking medallion hung around his neck, and and ready to perform six or so of the 17 tracks that made the his album with him. All said and done, we left with the sense that Vicious Lies album will be every bit as funky and danceable as Sir Lucious, but that it also might harken back to his days as the rap happy half of Outkast. Read more…

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Big Boi And Kelly Rowland Get Down ’80s Style For “Mama Told Me”

It’s a grey Tuesday afternoon here in New York, and Big Boi‘s got us dancing anyways. The first official single from his Sir Lucious Left Foot follow-up, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors dropped last night, and like the best from that first solo effort, it’s world-shaking and wise all the same. “Mama Told Me” rides high on an 80’s-inspired  Casio key and kick drum beat. A seasoned rapper and effortless in his swag, the self-proclaimed “Tom Petty heartbreaker, living legend, rap scholar, art major” drops his verses like it’s nothing and let’s the party come to him.

And so former Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland picks up at the hook, singing oh-so-sweetly about all the sage advice passed on from her momma — “be careful how you play your cards,” “be true to yourself and you’ll go far,” and “try not to break too many hearts.” Big Boi originally had originally tapped Swedish pop group Little Dragon for that part for an artier vibe. Kelly’s got a little glam in her voice, and it gives the song a nice and bright gloss.

In addition to Kelly’s part here, Phantogram‘s Sarah Barthel, Kid Cudi and A$AP Rocky will be featured elsewhere on Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, which is due out November 13 — just in time to add a little groove to your holiday season.

Big Boi & Kelly Rowland Bounce On “Mama Told Me” [Idolator]

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Last Lap: Big Boi Is Designing A Line Of Socks

Andre 3000 might be the Outkast member better known for his style, but does has he ever designed a sock line of his own? We don’t think so. It’s also worth mentioning that his new album is “coming good.” [Complex]

The Brooklyn MC has dropped a new 18-track mixtape, and it includes features from heavy-weights like A$AP Rocky, Lunice, the sultry Sade, and even the sock king Big Boi himself! [GlobalGrind]

This is what we imagine it would sound like if everyone on the subway/airplane/gym unplugged their headphones all at once. [HuffPost]

Jones lent Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane this brassy, big-band number for his debut movie, Ted. No ticket stub required to enjoy this one. [Stereogum]

Watch as an eager feline lover serenades his cat with a Seal classic. What say you: the most lucky or the least lucky cat in the world?

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Last Lap: The Roots Let Their True Feelings For Michelle Bachmann Take Over On Fallon

The Roots Let Their True Feelings For Michelle Bachmann Take Over On Fallon
The Roots chose to play a bit of Fishbone‘s “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night as Michelle Bachmann walked onto stage. Tell us how you really feel, guys! [Rolling Stone]

See Andre 3000 Freestyling In 1994
A teenage Andre 3000 does some awesome freestyling in this video from 1994 while Big Boi digs it. [Prefix]

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Big Boi Joins Rally For Death Row Inmate Troy Davis, Spearheading More Vocal Hip-Hop Support

Big Boi has arrived in Jackson, GA to join the scores of protesters outside the Pardons & Paroles Board after Troy Davis was denied a stay of execution by the board yesterday. The Troy Davis case has been a cause c?l?bre for artists of all stripes (as well as activists and political and religious figures) because Davis’s conviction largely rested on evidence provided by eyewitnesses who have since recanted their testimony. Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons‘s website Global Grind has a rundown of the case’s facts as well as Rick Ross affiliate Pill. Lupe Fiasco also spoke on the case at an Atlanta show last night. The case is not new, nor is the support of those who are protesting his execution, but the opposition has grown more vocal as time continues to run out for Davis. Many others not named here have also spoken on this issue, but as yet those who have the power to grant clemency have shown no signs of relenting.

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Bad Weekend For “Big” Rappers: Big Boi, Big Sean Arrested In Separate Incidents

While many of the biggest names in music were playing for 270,000 (!) fans in Chicago this weekend at the 2011 Lollapalooza festival, two members of the hip hop community—one an established vet, one an up-and-comer— found themselves on the wrong side of the law.

On Friday, the Los Angeles Times reported that New York state police arrested Big Sean, Kanye West’s newest protoge, after performing a concert at Artpark State Park in Lewiston, NY. The 23 year-old was charged with misdemeanor counts of forcible touching, unlawful imprisonment and sex abuse after an unnamed woman phoned police complaining of sexual assault. Big Sean and a member of his entourage, Willie ?Sayitainttone? Hansbro, were jailed and released on a $500 bond. Big Sean isn’t speaking, but his lawyer released a statement saying “both men vehemently deny the charges” and that “I am confident, that after further investigation, both men will be vindicated.” This case will go to court on September 6.

Then, on Sunday, Antwan “Big Boi” Patton (of Outkast fame) was pinched by the Miami po-po’s on felony drug possession charges. Apparently, drug-sniffing dogs got the best of Big Boi after he exited an unnamed cruise ship, and police found ecstasy pills, molly (which is ecstasy in powder form) and a whole bunch of Viagra in his luggage. He spent some time in the Miami-Dade Correctional Facility, but was released after posting $16,000 bond. His lawyer later explained to CNN that “a small amount of contraband was found in the collective luggage,” before adding that “I am confident when the entire facts are aired Big Boi will be completely exonerated.”

As a precautionary measure, we are advising that anyone who happens to perform either solo or in a band that has the name “Big” in the title— we’re looking at you, Big Daddy Kane, as well as members of Mr. Big and Reel Big Fish—avoid leaving their homes until this big bad mojo blows over.

Big Sean faces sexual abuse charges following concert [LAT]

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News Of Amy Winehouse’s Passing Continues To Ripple Through Community Of Performers, Fans

Ever since news broke that Amy Winehouse had been found dead at 27, the outpouring of grief (including dozens of comments on our announcement) has been a stark reminder of how much, and to how many people, Winehouse continued to matter as an artist. Fans have left tribute comments not only on Winehouse’s own videos on YouTube, but also barely-related ones like Britney Spears’s “If You Seek Amy,” just because they’re looking for any outlet to grieve. As we noted earlier, a range of performers voiced tribute on Twitter, but for some, 140 characters wasn’t enough.

Big Boi shared a previously unreleased Dungeon Family remix of her song “Tears Dry On Their Own”:

Another musical tribute came courtesy of M.I.A., who’d recorded a demo of a tribute to friends who’d died at 27, and when she heard about Amy Winehouse, tweeted a link to the (unfinished and unreleased) track as a tribute to Winehouse, yet another friend who’d passed at that age:

Several performers blogged touching tributes. Adele‘s “Amy Flies in Paradise xx”, praised the way in which both her sheer talent and her unwillingness to compromise led to a minor sea change in British pop: “Amy paved the way for artists like me and made people excited about British music again whilst being fearlessly hilarious and blas? about the whole thing. I don?t think she ever realised just how brilliant she was and how important she is, but that just makes her even more charming.”

And although the autopsy has just begun today, and toxicology reports will take weeks, the popular consensus is that Winehouse’s death was caused, directly or indirectly, by her struggles with addiction. Dr. Drew tweeted, “SO sad, another lost to addiction. A reminder this is often a fatal condition. Recovery is possible, but sadly not for Amy Winehouse.” But perhaps the most touching tribute on this subject comes from Russell Brand, a fellow performer who famously struggled with issues of addiction. His post For Amy, about the inevitability of one of two types of “the phone call,” is a must-read. We recommend you click through to it, but the multitude of hits has swamped his site, so just in case you can’t get through, we’ve reposted his tribute in its entirety below.

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Bonnaroo 2011: Eminem, Heat, Dust And Hippies

At Bonnaroo‘s tenth anniversary, three things stood out: triple digit heat, a permeating dust, and an eclectic mix of music topped by hip-hop. If you wondered the 700-acre campground, you were bound to run into all kinds of music — even Mongolian folk. We saw, for instance, a pretty-as-expected set by Americana star Justin Townes Earles, hip-hop by Big Boi that unfortunately came off like it had Attention Deficit Disorder (why not play some full songs instead of 30-second samples of Outkast and Sir Luscious?),? a promising set by indie/country newcomers Futureheads, the metal of The Sword, and the reggae of Black Uhuru. See Bonnaroo photos and video, then continue reading after the jump.

View Photo Gallery

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Helping You Make The Tough Decisions At Bonnaroo 2011

Festival season continues this weekend with Bonnaroo‘s 10th anniversary in Manchester, Tennessee, so we’re here again to help guide the 80,000 wristband holders through the tough choices of the weekend’s lineup. (Don’t have a ticket? You’re in luck! Some of the big-tent performances will be webcast at VEVO.) As always, we recommend checking out at least one band you haven?t heard before; might we recommend country-rocker Hayes Carll, (who plays one set each today and tomorrow)?

Jam-band and bluegrass aficionados have a plethora of options all weekend?perhaps too many tough choices. For the more pop-minded among us, here are five big intersection points to break down for you:

Choices: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals (3:15 p.m., What Stage) and Matt & Kim (3:15 p.m., This Tent)
Decision: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Both groups are embarking on summer tours in midsize venues with reasonable ticket prices, but Matt & Kim, though they showed at the OMAs that they can play bigger, do have a certain energy that’s amplified when it’s contained in a club full of kids that are ridiculously hyped up. You Oughta Know artists Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, on the other hand, don’t lose any of their power from midday open-air big-tent staging.
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Whatcha Gonna Do When Big Boi Comes After You?

Big Boi Says, ?Hello, world! Who?s your caddy??The more reserved half of OutKast put his money where his mouth is, defending his wife against sticky-fingered denim lovers. Translation? Big Boi‘s wife owns a boutique in Atlanta called P. Valentine, and, according to AllHipHop,?over the weekend a certain party (or parties) stole all of their jeans. So the eminently likable rap star went on a radio station and?offered $50,000 to the person who calls the store and lets him know who perpetrated the crime.?Apparently, he also told the Atlanta Journal Constitution, ?I?ve got to see about this personally. You don?t even have to call the police folk. Just call me . . . ?I?ll get this handled.? Speaking of bounties, is $50,000 a lot or a little these days? Anyone know? Our subscriptions to?Guns & Ammo and Don Diva have lapsed.