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Strange Bedfellows: How Did These Unlikely Musical Pairings Fare?

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One of the most difficult things about being a successful musician is finding the inspiration to be creative. Some people accomplish this by relentlessly poking the still burning embers of charred relationships (*cough* Taylor Swift *cough*), others turn to illegal drugs to change their worldview, but the following artists were able to find their muses not with their bandmates, but rather by pairing off with other musicians that appear on the surface to be incongrous with their vibe. So, in salute of the deeply strange pairing of Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and ivory tickler Norah Jones on the new album of Everly Brothers covers called Foreverly, here’s a rundown of unlikely musical collaborations from over the years and their results.

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Billie Joe Armstrong Joins The Mix On The Voice

The competition show talent shuffle continues today, with word that Billie Joe Armstrong has signed on to The Voice as a mentor on Christina Aguilera‘s team. The Grammy winning Green Day frontman explained in a statement accompanying the announcement that he chose The Voice because it is “not molding artists, it’s just giving them a little bit of guidance and direction without giving them a complete makeover.” Which is to say that it is, by his figuring, as close to punk as these sorts of shows come. Aguilera’s not exactly Kathleen Hanna or even Haley Williams, but that’s not really been Armstrong’s thing for a while now, and he assures that the two are having fun together. And if this means more “Longview” on the tube, well, we’ll go ahead and look the other way. Read more…

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Green Day Are Back With “Oh Love”

Like No Doubt, Green Day, too, are back and doing the 90s proud. The pop-punk heroes have a trilogy of albums called ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tre! lined-up for release beginning this fall (September 25th, November 13th, and January 15th, respectively), and today they debuted the first cut from the bunch. “Oh Love” finds the band back in fine form.

This Rob Cavallo-produced single is a bit more produced than some of the band’s earlier stuff, and the punchy-guitars might sound straight classic rock were it not for Billie Joe Armstrong‘s still distinctive — and at times almost pained sounding — voice and trademark angst. “Far away, far away/ waste away tonight/ I am wearing my heart on a noose,” goes the chorus, and you know that Green Day have still got it.
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