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It’s A Slang Thang: The Top 10 Slang Words Celebrated In Music

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It’s 2013 and we’ve gotten some upgrades in the past few years. We’ve gone from Walkman to iPod, VCR to DVD player and flip phone to smart phone. Big changes, people. But with every new invention, we leave behind a legacy of abandoned gadgets and gizmos – Game Boys, cassette tapes, typewriters… Tamagotchis. And let’s not forget the lingo. The years of “That’s fly” / “She’s so bootylicious” / “Dang, that homeboy is a scrub” are behind us. It’s a sad, sad thing. So let’s dust off our dictionaries, get sentimental and look at some of the greatest slang words that might be dead in 2013 conversation, but live on in top chart songs. So check out the gallery of Top 10 Slang Terms Music Has Celebrated. It’s a bangin’ list beeotch. If you disagree, boy you bugg’n.

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It’s Going Down With Brandy, Maxwell, Jill Scott, LL Cool At This Year’s Essence Music Festival

The dead of winter hasn’t hit NYC yet but the lineup for the Essence Music Festival has us dreaming of warmer weather and beignets. Every year the EMF is held in New Orleans on Fourth of July weekend to celebrate black music and culture. Brandy, Jill Scott, Maxwell and Keyshia Cole are scheduled to hit the stage for the 19th annual event that takes over the city for four days.

Eight stages will rock with a myriad of artists including LL Cool J, New Edition and Charlie Wilson; and crowds will gather around smaller stages for Mint Condition, Blackstreet, Big Daddy Kane and others. Essence Music Festival is a big deal–“one of the most important forums for non-hip-hop black music and culture” according to the New York Times.

Last summer VH1 flew to New Orleans for the food, music and culture of the city and event. One of The Top 5 Most Entertaining Moments was Dru Hill reuniting on stage! How’s that for a trip down memory lane? Summer, we miss you. Come again soon.

Jill Scott, Keyshia Cole and Brandy to Headline 2013 Essence Festival [New York Times]

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Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream Puts The Soul Back In R&B, Despite His Feeling That The Genre Has Become A ‘Caricature Of Itself’

Kaleidoscope Dream is the magical sophomore album by Miguel, an LP in which he infuses the sounds of rock, soul and funk into the expanding box that is modern R&B. On “Adorn,” which is currently No. 1 on the Hip-Hop/R&B charts, he croons about love and intimacy over the funky bass line. “‘Adorn’ is romantic, but it’s dirty at the same time,” he told us the day his album dropped. “It’s all the highs of love with all the coolness of the party.” Then there’s “Use Me,” “Do You,” “Arch & Point,” and “Pussy Is Mine” that explore the beauty of intimacy. While “Do You” is as much about the sensuality (“Do you like hugs? Do you like love?”) as it is about sex (“I wanna do you like drugs tonight”), the provocative “Pussy Is Mine” is completely about Miguel’s friend with benefits making him feel like it is all his. Read more…