A Very Alt-Rock Christmas: 15 Holiday Covers + Original Songs


Christmas Eve is upon us and your seasonal playlists have been on shuffle. There’s plenty of holiday albums out there by classic artists but the alternative rock scene has also contributed some festive favorites. While you’re sipping cocoa, wrapping presents or baking cookies today, we’ve got the perfect additions to your holiday soundtrack. Rock (or mosh) around the Christmas tree with these 15 carols!

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What’s Your Number: The Story Behind The Digits In Famous Band Names

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We’ve all been there: You’re chilling out, listening to your favorite Sum-41, matchbox twenty, or blink-182 album (Enema of the State is a personal favorite)  but the whole time you’re thinking “Damn, why does this band name look just like a ’90s AIM handle?” It happens to us all the time. Rock is filled with groups that have puzzling digits in their names. But what do they MEAN!? Why wasn’t it 31 Seconds to Mars, or Ten Inch Nails!? Well we at VH1 got on the case and have finally gotten the real story behind these mysterious monikers.

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Travis Barker Won’t Join Blink-182 For Australia Tour Due To Fear Of Flying: Should The Group Go On Without Him?

Blink -182 Forced To Tour Without Travis Barker

Blink-182 was warmly welcomed with their comeback album Neighborhoods–their first one in eight years– that landed them the No. 2 spot on the Billboard charts. The trio is currently touring Europe, and are booked to travel Australia in 2013. There’s only one major hang up leaving the pop-punk group in a pickle. Drummer Travis Barker will not travel to Australia with his group due to his phobia of flying following a 2008 plane crash in which he and DJ AM were critically injured. According to NME, Barker says the thought of a 24 hour flight is too much for him right now, which is totally understandable considering the trauma of surviving a plane crash where his assistant, bodyguard, pilot and co-pilot died. But the show must go on. Read more…

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Get Your Nineties Nostalgia On With Our Spotify Soundtrack For The TRL Decade

VH1’s latest entry in the award-winning Rock Docs franchise, The TRL Decade, premieres tonight at 9:30 pm. The hour-long special takes a look back at the colorful history of the long-running MTV video request program and the effect that it had on the music industry, and features insightful interviews from former VJs like Carson Daly and Dave Holmes, as well as some of that era’s most popular musical acts.

In order to get you in the mood for tonight’s premiere, we built this special
Spotify playlist for The TRL Decade
, which features many of the songs that you’ll hear in this documentary feature. Get your ’90s nostalgia on with boy band faves like “Larger Than Life” by the Backstreet Boys, rap-rock smashes like Korn‘s “Freak On A Leash”, hip hop hits like P. Diddy‘s “Bad Boy For Life”, sugar coated girl pop classics like Mandy Moore‘s “Candy”, and many more.

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Last Lap: Friday’s Odds And Ends In Music News

Enrique Iglesias Premieres Cameo-Filled, Behind The Music-Inspired Video
Enrique Iglesias is reissuing Euphoria with a DVD and bonus tracks, including the single “I Like How It Feels”?which would be a run-of-the-mill tour video if not for the famous friends featured. But wait?it’s in a sort of flashback, behind-the-scenes style, and features a bit of footage from 1979. Call us narcissistic, but this feels inspired by his July 31 episode of Behind The Music!

Wilco And Blink-182: Rock Dads With New Albums
Jeff Tweedy of Wilco talks to Brian Hiatt about “dad-rock” in Men’s Journal. All three members of Blink-182 mention parenthood in individual interviews with Andy Greene for Rolling Stone. Speaking of which, Mark Hoppus is one of the punk-rock fathers documented in the upcoming film The Other F Word, which now has a trailer. (P.S. Billboard reports that both Wilco’s and Blink 182’s new albums are predicted to debut in the top ten next week.)
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Last Lap: Wednesday’s Odds And Ends In Music News

Big Sean Video Features Kanye West And Cheesecake
And don’t the two go hand-in-hand? The Hype Williams-directed video for Big Sean‘s “Marvin and Chardonnay” splits the difference between Williams’s 2005 clip for Kanye West‘s “Gold Digger” and “Best I Ever Had,” the Drake video that West directed. [YouTube]

Blink-182 Release New Song
Two weeks after premiering the video for lead single “Up All Night,” Blink-182 have released another cut from Neighborhoods (due out September 27). “After Midnight” is available as a free download for winners of a mind-numbingly simple stopwatch game that we nevertheless kept playing until we won (after 13 attempts). [Spin]
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