by (@wordweaver555)

Bobby V Gets Grown And Sexy In “Koko Lovely”

Bobby V‘s getting his grown and sexy on with a new beard and a new single y’all! That’s right, we got the video for Bobby’s latest single, “Koko Lovely” for you and it’s got some eye candy for the fellas. As brought to you in our VH1 exclusive this past September, Bobby V made a promise to his fans that only you can decide if he’s kept with the release of his new EP, Peach Moon (released Dec. 10), and subsequently his brand-new video, “Koko Lovely.” When we caught up with the V-man after his NYC performance at the Soul Factory Presents showcase, the Atlanta-based music maker said that he was on a mission to make “good music” — minus the ratchetness and raunchiness. Bobby V made known to the world his intention to deliver some next-level music that enlightens and uplifts, as well as entertains.

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