10 Power Ballads From The ’80s We Still Love

power-ballad-templateYou only hear them nowadays on late-night compilation commercials or as Muzak at the dentist’s office or at inebriated karaoke nights. Most of them are coated in a thick layer of Velveeta cheese and full of single entendres and metaphors so simple a three year old could have written them. But you know you love them. How can you not? Those “manly” hair bands slowing it down and showing a more sensitive side and often coming up with some of their catchiest and most-career defining hits. From Poison to Journey to Def Leppard, going the route of the power ballad was an absolute given in the 1980s if you were in a hard rock band. And yes, we do take responsibility for keeping these songs popular and the artist’s careers alive. We’ve even employed some of them! But it’s all out of love, just like the songs themselves. Here’s 10 Power Ballads We Just Can’t Stop Loving. And you can’t either. Admit it.

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Jon Bon Jovi’s Son Wins Spot On Notre Dame Football Team, Looks To Lay His Hands On Opposing Offenses


It’s been a tough 12 months for Jon Bon Jovi. Inclusion in our Music’s 40 Hottest Men Over 40 list aside, he’s had to deal with the heroin overdose of his 19-year-old daughter Stephanie and a massive feud with his longtime band member Richie Sambora that has threatened the stability of his band, Bon Jovi. And although fall is not generally known as a time of rebirth and renewal, the return of football has finally brought some good fortune back into the Bongiovi home.

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Richie Sambora Wants Jon Bon Jovi To Stop “Trash-Talking,” Hints At Possible Return

Richie Sambora Wants Jon Bon Jovi To Stop Trash-Talking

When Richie Sambora was asked to pack his bags and take a leave of absence from the current leg of the Bon Jovi world tour back in early April, Jon Bon Jovi cited “personal reasons” as the cause of Sambora’s departure. Of course, “personal reasons” is generally PR speak for “drug/alcohol abuse,” and knowing Sambora’s well-documented history in that arena, many assumed that he had fallen off the wagon again. Well, as it turns out, Richie has been paying close attention to the rumor and innuendo, and he’s not the least bit happy about it. “Enough with the trash-talking — Jon needs to stop talking about me publicly,” Sambora told the Daily Mail late last week.

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Guy Pumping His Gas Belts Out Unbelievable Version Of “Livin’ On A Prayer”

Bon Jovi‘s “Livin’ On A Prayer” was originally released way back in 1986, but the nearly 30 years that have elapsed since its release have done nothing to diminish the song’s cultural significance. On Friday night’s episode of The Tonight Show, one of Jay Leno‘s minions surprised a California man who was pumping gas at a station in Burbank with a simple request: Would he like to do some karaoke while he pumped his gas? The man, who we only know as Will, said yes, and requested to sing “Livin’ On A Prayer.” Does he need the words? “No, I know ‘em, baby!” Well then, sing on!

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The 51 Most Awesomely ’80s Photos Of Jon Bon Jovi

The 51 Most Awesomely 80s Photos Of Jon Bon Jovi

No one dominated the middle to late 1980s quite like Jon Bon Jovi did. Every dude in America wanted to be his best friend, and every girl the world over wanted to be his best friend, too (if only for a night).

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Thank You Paul McCartney, Thank You Kanye West: 12-12-12 Concert Raised $50 Million For Sandy Relief

You may or may not have been so into Paul McCartney‘s divisive jam sesh with the surviving member of Nirvana, you might have found the line-up a bit too old and a tad to British, or felt that Kanye‘s showstopping kilt was, well, something; but alas, there is now quantifiable proof that the night was for good: The 12-12-12 Concert For Sandy Relief raised roughly $50 million for victims of November’s devastating storm, and the show’s producers expect that number to grow in the coming weeks as additional donations and funds from album sales continue to trickle in.

Ticket sales and corporate sponsors made up the bulk of that $50 million, though merch sales and the phone bank brought in a hefty $20 million. And even the popular ticket resale site StubHub chipped in, donating the $1 million worth of fees they collected off of 12-12-12 tickets (they keep 25 percent of every sale, and tickets were being up-sold for as much as $60,000). Not so shabby, eh?

The New York Times figures that the benefit’s final tally falls a smidge short of the $61 million MTV’s Hope for Haiti concert made in 2010, and that the number pales in comparison to the $55 million (or, about $118 million in 2012 dollars) 1985′s Live Aid raised, but we are certain that those 50 million dollars will be put to good use by the 140 groups the Robin Hood Foundation has lined up and much appreciated by those left devastated by Sandy all the same. A hardy congratulations and a heartfelt thank you to all involved!

12-12-12 Producers Say Concert Brought In $50 Million [NYT]