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The Killers Hit The Road In New “Runaways” Video

The Killers are only just back and running away already. In the moody new video for their The Boss-cribbing new single, “Runaways,” Brandon Flowers and company return from their two year absence to a great abyss. For a song so big, they really kept the visuals spare. There are stormy skies above, and an empty road passing behind that recalls the flying fret in the Guitar Hero video games. And all the while, the darkness hangs around them like the far reaches of the arenas they’ll soon be filling if the rest of their forthcoming album, Battle Born, is so big as this first single.
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The Killers Won’t Wait Until Tomorrow, Premiere “Runaways” Today

The Killers‘ fourth album — and their first in as many years — Battle Born, is due out this fall (September 18th), and this first single shows promising signs of a full return to form for the Las Vegas rockers. Premiering this morning on L.A.’s KROQ, “Runaways” seems most of all to have roundly reminded the internet (or at least us) of all that’s been missing in the electronic dance-rock world. And few spins later we can comfortably report that, after two years hiatus and apparently not a beat missed, The Killers are back and ready to rock arenas once more. Read more…

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Beef Alert! The Fray’s Isaac Slade Wants To Punch Brandon Flowers “In The Mouth”

It looks like Brandon Flowers has ticked off our February Posted band, The Fray. Flowers caught the attention of The Fray front man Isaac Slade when he made some derogatory comments at a concert, but Slade seemed to take it in good humor, saying, “When we started making the album, I saw footage on YouTube of Brandon getting mad at a Killers crowd who were a little sedate. Brandon was yelling, ‘Come on, stand up and dance. This isn’t a f**king Fray show’… All I could do was laugh because that’s true — we do have a very thoughtful, sensitive crowd who don’t get to dance much. Still, I’ll pay Brandon back for picking on our fans. Next time I see him I’ll have to punch him in the mouth.” We’re guessing that Slade’s threat of violence is a little bit tongue-in-cheek, as we can’t imagine him raising a hand in anger to anyone. But good on him for sticking up for his fans — it’s nice to feel important!

The Fray’s Isaac Slade vows ‘to punch Brandon Flowers in the mouth’ [NME]

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