The Most Notorious Recluses In Music History

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By Frank Donovan

Unfortunately for fans, some of music’s biggest and most talented stars shine so bright that they burn themselves out. Plagued by mental illness, drug addiction, or just plain aversion to fame, it’s all too often that artists just fall off the map. It’s easy to forget how young some of these singers were when they reached the apex of their critical acclaim. Lauryn Hill and Brian Wilson were both just 23 years old when they released their smashes The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and Pet Sounds, respectively. If we were that big at 23, we might get a little freaked, too.

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Last Lap: Brian Wilson Is Back With The Beach Boys And They’re Going On Tour (Breathe, Don’t Wet Your Pants)

Brian Wilson Is Back With The Beach Boys And They’re Going On Tour
Yep, you heard right. Brian Wilson is reuniting with The Beach Boys and they’re going to tour in 2012. We know it’s exciting, but try not to wet yourself. [Flavorwire]

Etta James Is Tragically Terminally Ill
The voice that launched a thousand ships (we just made that up then, but it makes sense), Etta James, is facing terminal leukemia and dementia at age 73. Our best wishes go out to Etta and her family. [Rolling Stone]

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Sting’s Show: Top 5 Rainforest Quotes


Everyone’s getting green these days. No one want to die. Smaller cars, less paper, better recycling – it’s finally sinking in. One dude that’s been ahead of the curve vis a vis the elimination of greenhouse gases is Sting, and as much as wiseacres once teased him as a strident do-gooder, they’re thanking now him for being on the case. Each year the singer and his wife Trudie Styler corral an array of musicians at Carnegie Hall and put on a fundraiser to further one of their prime concerns, repopulating rainforests around the world. This year it takes place in on Thursday, May 8. Feist, Billy Joel, Brian Wilson, James Taylor and many other are on board. Here are the show specifics. In a recent chat, Sting filled us in on a few facts about the subject that’s so close to his heart. Ready for five intriguing quotes?

1. “You can’t save the rainforest all at once; you have to save bits of it at a time, and hope the idea will grow. And it kind of has. We’ve raised $25 million over the past 20 years. We’re now on four continents – Asia, Africa, Central and South America. And we’re helping indigenous people to protect themselves.”

2. “It’s important that we conserve energy where we live, and it’s important that we reduce transport emissions. But greenhouse gases are caused by deforestation – by a lot. That comes from real facts. What’s warming up the planet is the destruction of the rainforest. More and more, people around the world are getting the idea that this is one planet and what we do one part of it effects all of us. It’s a growing realization – particularly among young people.”

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