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Top 5 SNL Sketches From Episodes Featuring Stars Who Were Both Host And Musical Guest


Lady Gaga served as both the host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live last night, marking the 26th time in the show’s 38 seasons that an individual was asked by Lorne Michaels to pull double duty. Gaga, ever the showstopper, did a tremendous job—more on her in a bit!—but what other musicians did the best job of being hilarious during sketches AND singing their faces off?

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10 Music Superstars Caught On Tape Before They Were Stars


No one is born a star. Even if someone is born with a killer voice, they still have to toil away for years. They’ve got to hone their chops and await their big break. Thankfully, obscurity doesn’t mean the same thing as invisibility. The 10 stars on our list all have early moments caught online that they might not want us to see now.

Nevertheless, we think it’s important to remember that Lady Gaga used to perform at New York open mics in simple cotton dresses, or that Kanye West once toiled in the studio trying to impress Jay-Z, or that Ed Sheeran gleefully stuffed marshmallows into his mouth for no good reason at all.

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A 4-Year-Old Bruno Mars Was Once Interviewed By Pauly Shore

First things first: Don’t ask us why we follow Pauly Shore on Twitter. It’s not something we’re proud of, it’s just something that happened along the way. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get on with the story. Last night, Pauly sent out a tweet that piqued our interest and made our decision to follow him look prescient. The tweet? “Have you seen my interview with 4 year old Bruno Mars, bro?”

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The 5 Best Mashups Of Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” And “Vogue”

Madonna Mashups

Last night, Madonna hosted the New York premiere of her new film, Madonna: The MDNA Tour, which is the singer’s 10th live video album. Over the years, the singer has produced numerous hits (sadly none came from the MDMA album) but none have been as timeless as “Like A Virgin” or “Vogue.” In honor of their staying power, we bring you the 5 of the best mashups featuring one of those two tracks. Yes, that means there’s a little Bruno Mars, Icona Pop and even The xx now associated with Madge.

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Wait, Who Wrote That? 15 Shocking Songwriters Behind Pop Hits

Britney Spears Ke$ha

So, we were sitting around the offices, discussing the various merits of Britney’s bad-good hit “Till the World Ends,” when we remembered that pop tart Ke$ha actually wrote the song (yep, the gin-soaked starlet is a total wordsmith)! Which begged the question — how many other pop stars in their own right had penned huge smashes for other artists?

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