And CUT! 10 Musicians Who Took Cringeworthy Acting Roles

Rihanna, Mariah Carey, and Kelly Clarkson composite

We understand that music artists are creative, and that creative people are always looking for new ways to express themselves. But every once in a while, people really should stick with what they know best.

Our gallery shows that as talented as these stars are, their acting performances probably should’ve altogether been left on the cutting room floor.


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Battle Of The Summer Jams: The Hashtag Songs


Welcome to the second week of VH1’s Battle of the Summer Jams. Over the next few months, we’ll determine the best songs of summer with your help. Each week two singles will battle it out and it’s up to you to decide which one reigns supreme. Last week it was the battle of the Pharrells. With 52 percent of the vote, “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk took home the first round. This week we are putting the hashtag songs to the test. That’s right, “#Beautiful” by Mariah Carey and Miguel is going up against “#ThatPower” by Will.I.Am and Justin Bieber.

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The 20 Greatest ’90s Prom Slow Jams Ever

90s Prom Slowjams

A few weeks back wrote a post about the 15 greatest prom scenes in cinema history. Obviously, this got us thinking about our own prom…which never had a hope in hell of measuring up to these great movie moments. In fact, we spent most of the evening profusely apologizing to our date for our lack of dancing skills. The only time we could (sort of) redeem ourselves was when the DJ decided to take the energy down a bit and play us a slow song. Doing “The Worm” and “The Robot” was totally beyond us, but we could handle swaying a-rhythmically to Edwin McCain or Lifehouse. We may have looked dumb, but at least it gave us a socially acceptable excuse to get close to our dates.

We were eternally grateful for those rare moments where it looked like we knew what we were doing, before the DJ went back to playing “Gasolina,” and we went back to the punch bowl. So now we’d like to relive those awkward memories by counting down our favorite ’90s (and early 2000s) prom slow-jams!

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