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Here Comes Chavril: Avril Lavigne Covers Her Husband-To-Be’s “How You Remind Me”

This was made inevitable with their engagement, but we can’t say we thought it would come this soon or that it would be so on-the-nose, but here we have it: Avril Lavigne has covered her soon-to-be husband Chad Kroeger‘s super-sized breakout hit “How You Remind Me,” and for an upcoming anime film called One Piece Film Z, at that! Avril takes the brutish, blustery anthem and turns it into a nice and thoughtful piano ballad. She throws in a few cymbal flourishes and — well, it’s really not so bad! If a series of finely executed covers is how Chavril chooses to remind us of their love, that would be just fine by us.


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by (@kat_george)

Tuned In: Nickelback Burn Jimmy Kimmel To The Ground (With Music, Not Fire)

We’ve had Nickelback fever since we previewed the band’s video for “When We Stand Together” last month. Nickelback’s performance last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live did nothing to abate our fever, either — with Chad Kroeger‘s raw vocal and a stage literally set alight by theatrical flame throwers, Nickelback burned the house to the ground. With their awesome performance of “Burn It To The Ground,” not because they actually set fire to anything (other than our hearts, figuratively speaking). Nickelback’s roaring, metal sound was decidedly harder than their post-grunge beginnings, and even from behind a screen we couldn’t help but do a sneaky head bang.

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