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Colbie Caillat’s Palms Rise To The Universe In Her New “Hold On” Video

Colbie Caillat made her name writing and recording breezy, slightly crunchy, acoustic guitar-driven tunes like “Bubbly,” “Realize” and “Lucky.” Her work to date has been successful both on the commercial (6MM albums sold!) and critical (2 Grammy Awards!) fronts, but being a creative artist like she is, it seems like she’s ready for a change of pace when it comes to the work that she produces. Enter her new single “Hold On,” which sees Caillat exploring a slightly more electronic sound than she has in the past.

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Colbie Caillat Teams Up With Common For The Duo’s “Favorite Song”

One of the biggest hits of last summer came courtesy of Selena Gomez & The Scene, a track in which she promised a paramour that she would “Love You Like A Love Song” (a song that we kept hitting re-pe-pe-pe-peat on over the last year). Now, just in time for Summer 2012, the bubbly pop singer Colbie Caillat has just released the video for “Favorite Song,” another ditty that uses the metaphor of a song to represent a growing relationship. Only this time around, the singer is comparing herself to a song (as opposed to her object of affection), asking/promising that “You can turn it up and play me all night long.” Of course, this is Colbie Caillat we’re talking about, not Rihanna, so that line is nowhere near as dirty in the context of the song as it reads on the page.

Adding to the friendly, summer-y vibe of the song is Common, who contributes two verses, one in which he pronounces “The winner of the Best Duo is us” (meaning, him and Colbie). We love the confidence, and we have a feeling that listeners will likely end up agreeing as we make our way into Song Of The Summer season.

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VH1’s Top 40 Videos Of 2011 [COMPLETE LIST]

What a year, right? As we get ready to put the finishing touches on the year that was, it’s time to look back at the music videos that define the year 2011. Tonight, we’ll be airing a supersized edition of the VH1 Top 20 Music Video Countdown that takes a look back at the Top 40 music videos of the year. Be sure to tune-in to VH1 tonight at 7 p.m. ET/PT to see your favorite videos of the year in all of their widescreen, HD glory, but we couldn’t resist giving you guys a sneak peek at the list here on VH1 Tuner this morning.

So, without further ado, here is our list of the Top 40 Videos of 2011…

40. Daughtry“Crawling Back To You”
39. Jessie J“Domino”
38. The Civil Wars“Barton Hollow”
37. Demi Lovato“Skyscraper”
36. Grace Potter & The Nocturnals“Paris (Ooh La La)”
35. Britney Spears“Criminal”
34. Nickelback“When We Stand Together”
33. Colbie Caillat – “Brighter Than The Sun”
32. Nicki Minaj – “Super Bass”
31. David Guetta featuring Usher“Without You”

Continue along for the Top 30 videos of 2011!
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Leaky Monday: New Tracks From Lil Wayne, Colbie Caillat, Nelly Furtado, Kelly Clarkson Surface On The Internet

When Lil Wayne spoke to MTV News last Thursday, he revealed an August 28 release date for Tha Carter IV and promised that the Sorry for the Wait mixtape would drop Tuesday or Wednesday (that is, tomorrow or the day after). The next day, the first mixtape track, “Tunechi’s Back” (based on the “Tupac Back” beat) hit the web. [HT Rap Radar]

Rap Radar is also our unlikely source of a new Colbie Caillat song (because Common is featured). “Favorite Song,” is the two artists’ first studio collaboration, though Caillat did duet with him when she sang Joss Stone‘s hook on “The Light” in February 2010 at the BMI “How I Wrote That Song” Panel. “Favorite Song” will be on Caillat’s All of You, due out tomorrow.
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VH1 Top 20 Host Goes Behind-The-Scenes At VH1’s Best Cruise Ever

We invited VH1 Top 20 host Jim Shearer to share his observations from VH1’s Best Cruise Ever, which featured more than a dozen bands and sailed from Tampa to Cozumel.

I’m on land again, which means VH1’s second annual Best Cruise Ever is now over. The Script was wonderful (my favorite live show during our four days at sea), I met a bunch of cool people who keep me employed by waking up early every Saturday morning to watch the Top 20 Countdown, I got to eat warm chocolate cake every night for dessert (mmm), and my band even got to play a couple of sets on the boat. I forgot to bring my diary on the cruise, so a pocket cam had to do. Here’s my recap. Enjoy! — Jim Shearer


Tweet A Pic From ACL, Win A Trip On VH1’s Best Cruise Ever


VH1 will be at Austin City Limits music festival this weekend interviewing some of your favorite bands — and we’re relying on you to help us capture the best moments of the three-day fest — from crowd-surfing singers to mud fights in the crowd.

If you’re lucky enough to be at ACL this year, simply follow @VH1 on Twitter, tweet a photo using #ACLtop20, and you’ll be entered to win a trip on VH1’s Best Cruise Ever, which features non-stop performances by Train, Lifehouse, Colbie Caillat, The Script and more than a dozen others.

And don’t forget to check back on Monday to see The Top 20 Greatest Moments of Austin City Limits.


Colbie Caillat and Her Catchy Choruses

Colbie Caillat
The best way for a newcomer to quickly make a dent on the charts is to drop a few tunes that have irresistible refrains or choruses. The sunny West Coast chanteuse Colbie Caillat has done just that, and her “Bubbly” is racing to the top end of the standings. One of our You Oughta Know artists, Caillat wooed MySpace users last year, and now her Coco is turning lots of heads. “Bubbly” is sweet little tune, and the chance to hear it in a stripped down setting has arrived. We’re launching Colbie’s “Unplugged” performances tomorrow. Here’s a look at one clip from the session to whet your appetite.

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