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Hidden Talents! 40 Musicians With Crazy Hobbies You Never Knew About

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When you need a break from work, what do you do? Pick up a guitar? Sing a little tune? Play some piano? So what about professional musicians, how do they spend their down time? Read more…

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Interview: Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Talks Gigantour, Laments The Stupidity Of Some In Metal Community

[Photo: Getty Images]

[Photo: Getty Images]

Dave Mustaine’s reputation precedes him. He is perhaps the greatest guitarist of his generation; if not, certainly of the musical movement he helped inspire. The man whose outsize talent fueled two of thrash metal’s greatest groups and whose confrontational attitude got him booted from the biggest metal band of all time. His ensuing rise from the ashes with Megadeth and their artistic and commercial triumphs testify to his immense musical gifts and his steely determination to succeed. He is imposing in person but his answers are thoughtful and deliberate. We caught up with Mustaine when he was in the middle of the latest installment of his Gigantour Tour, which he has been personally putting together since 2005 to showcase a diverse away of heavy metal bands with an emphasis on musicianship in general and great guitar playing in particular. Megadeth have a busy touring schedule this year and will soon be on the road with Iron Maiden in support of their latest album Super Collider, their first album for Universal Music Group.

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Twelve Photos Of Metal Legends Being Totally Un-Metal

“Metal dudes are people, too!” you shout, and we hear ya, we honestly do. But here’s the thing — we like to live under the fantasy, however inaccurate, that metal dudes just do totally awesome metal stuff all the time. We want to believe that metal dudes go around biting the heads off bats, smashing guitars, sticking it to the man and headbanging ALL THE TIME. The same way we like to believe that pop stars all eat, sleep and go to the gym in their elaborate costumes, rappers freestyle battle each other in the street and country singers all know how to lasso like cowboys.

Obviously, the illusions we live under (yes, we’re twisted, we know, but being twisted is like, SO metal), are unrealistic, and we have to admit we get a perverted sense of pleasure when the wall does come down. So if you want to see what metal dudes are doing when they’re not being metal, and just being sort of, well, regular, click through to our gallery below! Beware: there are images of James Hetfield WEARING A KNITTED SCARF! Slipknot‘s Corey Taylor READING BOOKS! Megadeth‘s Dave Mustaine HANGING OUT WITH A GEORGE W. BUSH IMPERSONATOR! If this is all just too much for you and all you want is to see metal guys being, like, totally metal, then check out National Metal Day on VH1 Classic, airing all day today!

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