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David Lee Roth Channels Bob Dylan With His Amazingly Weird New Christmas Song, “Happy Holidays”

Merry Christmas from Diamond Dave! Perennial rock frontman David Lee Roth has unveiled his new song “Happy Holidays,” and it is destined to become a sure-fire Christmas classic. Captioned with “Happy Holidays from Diamond Dave’s Tiki Bunker” on The Roth Show‘s YouTube channel, the song is not an amped up stadium crushing jam like you might expect.

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6 Times David Lee Roth Dominated The Internet In Honor Of His 60th Birthday

60 years ago today, one of the greatest frontmen in the history of rock n’ roll let out his first cry and he’s been making noise ever since. David Lee Roth made his bones as a member of legendary Southern California band Van Halen who forever changed hard rock with their boisterous party anthems and the over the top personalities. Only an exhibitionist of epic proportions could share the stage with Eddie Van Halen, whose technique and tone revolutionized electric guitar playing, and DLR perfectly fit the bill with his mane of bleach blonde hair, shirt agape, loud screams and absolutely hilarious on stage banter.

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Is A New Van Halen Album On The Way?

van halen

Van Halen fans are nothing if not patient. There was an epic fourteen year gap between the band’s 1998 release, Van Halen III, and 2012’s A Different Kind Of Truth. However, if David Lee Roth is to be believed, Van Halen fans aren’t going to have to wait quite so long for the band’s next album. According to Roth, the band’s next album should be released in 2015. Is it too good to be true?

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Blame It On The Alcohol: The 15 Most Infamous Drunk Performances By Rock Stars

15 Bands Who Got Drunk On Stage

Not to generalize, but rock stars tend to have two main activities: Playing massive gigs in front of thousands of adoring fans, and partying pretty hard. Sometimes business and pleasure overlap, leading to an always interesting -but sometimes musically questionable- live performance! Not that we’re judging; rock ‘n’ roll can be a pretty grueling business, and whether they’re just exhausted (like their publicists claim) or they need to blow off steam with a bender, these rebellious bad boys (and girls) are gonna do their thing their way. Read on for some infamous boozy gigs from 15 legendary bands. Raise a glass and enjoy!

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10 Songs You Didn’t Know Were About Private Parts

10 Songs About Private Parts

Throughout the course of pop music history, there have been an untold number of tunes that were obviously written about people’s “business.” Notable ones include Lil Wayne‘s “Lollipop,” Flo Rida‘s “Whistle Song,” Smoov-E‘s “Attack of the 8-Inch Donkey,” and Mozart‘s “The Magic Flute” (that’s what it was about, right?). But some song-smiths were a bit sneakier about the whole thing and buried the true meaning a little deeper. We guess they enjoyed the secret perv-y delight that we were all unknowingly singing along to an anthem about their privates. Well played, folks. For 10 of the most surprising displays of musical exhibitionism, let’s take things downstairs…

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Die Antwoord’s New Lady Gaga Slaying Video, And A Quick History Of Pop Star Parodying Music Videos

Eccentric South African rap-ravers Die Antwoord have set alight with their provocative new video for “Fatty Boom Boom.” The video is as complicated an act as they are — it at one point finds the duo donning what appears to be blackface, and there is a worthwhile exploration of that element here — and worth unpacking a bit, particularly the part where they totally clown on Lady Gaga and her taste for “freaky things.”

The video begins with a tour guide welcoming a Lady Gaga doppelgänger to Africa with a tour of South Africa’s “Concrete Jungle,” where stoplights are called “robots” and shop owners keep black panthers as guard cats. When they come across Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er performing on the sidewalk, Gaga pauses to admire their “freaky fashion” and has just begun to wonder if she might “get them to open for me” — a gig they’ve actually turned down — when the van gets highjacked. Gaga sets off running and somehow winds up at a dentist/gynecologist’s office, where she births a gross and goo-covered bug because she is indeed the Mother Monster. And in the end, they let the Lion King of the Concrete Jungle eat her. Read more…

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That Metal Debate: The Top 5 David Lee Roth Era Van Halen Songs

Last week on That Metal Show, we were joined by the one and only Sammy Hagar (Chickenfoot) who stepped in as our first ever guest host. He brought us rum and helped us debate the TMS Top 5 this week. Also, joining Hagar as guest was his Chickenfoot bandmate, Michael Anthony, and guest musician John 5, who blew us all away every time we went into a commercial break. (Yes, we are working on getting him full-time.)

Let’s Talk Top 5. We know it could be a bit controversial when mixing David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar in the same sentence with Van Halen, and it’s time we all move on from that. The Red Rocker/former front man for the iconic group helped us determine the Top 5 David Lee Roth Era Van Halen Songs. He’s perfect for the job, especially when you consider that he did sang all of those songs in front of thousands of people before, so he knows exactly which songs get the fans going. (Unlike Jim Florentine, who just sings them in the shower.) Here is what the guys and Sammy came up with:

1. “Panama”
2. “And The Cradle Will Rock…”
3. “On Fire”
4. “Mean Street”
5. “Unchained”

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Van Halen Cancels Slew Of Tour Dates, Is Almost Certainly Broken Up Again

Van Halen Hates Each Other

When we saw Van Halen perform in front of an audience of 300 people at the tiny Cafe Wha? back in January, there didn’t seem to be any noticeable tension between Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth. The duo appeared to have put their legendary differences aside in advance of the release of A Different Kind Of Truth, the reunited group’s first studio album since 1984, and the massive North American tour that they had planned. Fast forward five months and change, though, and now it appears that the second third honeymoon between Diamond Dave and Eddie has come to a crashing halt.

Rolling Stone reports that Van Halen has “abruptly postponed” 30 North American tour dates that were recently added to the the original schedule that was announced back in December. The tour’s promoter, Live Nation, did not comment on the matter, but a source told Rolling Stone that Van Halen’s members are “arguing like mad” and “hate each other.” Not surprising news, exactly, but definitely disappointing for fans of huge riffs and karate kicks. Speaking of which…

Van Halen Postpone Summer Tour Dates [Rolling Stone]

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A Reunited Van Halen Debuts Their New Single, “Tattoo”

After last week’s blistering Van Halen reunion show at Cafe Wha?, the band confirmed a number of details about their 2012 plans that had, up to that point, simply been rumors: The band would release their new album, A Different Kind Of Truth, on February 7; the band would be embarking on a four-month, 45 date North American tour; and, amazingly, Kool & The Gang would be their opening act (!!!). Cellll-ebrate good times, C’MON!

Thanks to last week’s uniformly praised comeback set, anticipation levels for Van Halen‘s first tour with David Lee Roth since 2007 are off the charts. However, as we all know, when a “classic” band decides it’s that time of the concert for them to play their “new” material, a lot of fans decide that’s the time to visit the, um, facilities. Grantland’s Chuck Klosterman wrote about this dilemna last week, stating “I will never understand why classic rock bands feel a moral obligation to write new songs that nobody wants. That’s like working at McDonald’s when you’re 80 instead of cashing in your war bonds. Van Halen has nothing to prove to anyone. Just blow us away.”

It remains to be seen how fans will react to Van Halen’s first studio album with David Lee Roth singing lead vox since 1984, but today the group released their first single off A Different Kind Of Truth, a song called “Tattoo” (which also comes with an accompanying music video). And you know what? It’s a real grower! Not only does it feature a blistering, 35-second guitar solo from Eddie Van Halen, but David Lee Roth scatting and squealing his way through some non-sequitur come-ons (“Best believe that needle hurt you”) to characters like Swap Meet Sally and the Tramp Stamp Cat, as well as a hilarious description of MILF-y groupies who get inked late in life (“Mousewife to Momshell”). And thanks to Dave’s repeated screams of “Sexy dragon magic!”, we have a feeling that this is the kind of song that both Van Halen fans AND the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo will surely approve of.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Van Halen Dazzles During Intimate Reunion Concert In New York City

“Welcome to Occupy Van Halen!”

Back in November, word leaked out that Van Halen was planning on releasing a new album and embarking on a North American tour to support it. Classic rock fans were cautiously optimistic about the news, seeing as how prior reunions had ultimately fizzled out because of the legendarily testy relationship between guitarist Eddie Van Halen and loquacious frontman David Lee Roth. After a rumored reunion performance at the Grammy Nomination Concert Live!!! concert back in November failed to materialize, Van Halen fans were understandably nervous about the band’s current stability. However, during a 70-minute set at Manhattan’s tiny, 280 person capacity club Cafe Wha? tonight, the group looked happier to be in each other’s presence than they have since the early Eighties and, as a result, turned in a performance that David Lee Roth himself proclaimed as one of the best in the group’s storied history.

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