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Is Beyonce The Heir Apparent To Michael Jackson’s Legacy? (Her Super Bowl Performance Suggests Yes)

Is Beyonce The Next Michael Jackson?

Beyoncé delivered an incredible performance during halftime of Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday night, one filled with the skill, swagger, and precision we’ve come to expect from music’s best and biggest live act right now (yes, we went there). Her show prompted conversation after the fact without help from a wardrobe malfunction or flipping of the bird, and further positions her as an arguable “heir” to Michael Jackson. Who else has sucked up all the power from a 73,000-seat arena?

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Top 9 Beyonce Bowl GIFs And Other Wacky Super Bowl Moments

As a collective we’ve all come to the conclusion last night’s Super Bowl XLVII was in fact the Beyoncé Bowl (#BeyBowl), right? Good. Bey slayed the stage by live singing of course with something for the stans, the haters and everyone in between. Watching Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams literally pop in the air onto the stage in real time nearly gave Destiny’s Child fans a heart attack. Thank the Internet gods for gifs. Here’s nine of our favorite gif moments from Bey’s performance. Enjoy watching them over and over. And over. Read more…

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Whether You’re A Stan Or A Hater, Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Had Something For Everyone

Beyonce Performs At Halftime Of Super Bowl

Beyoncé is the most polarizing contemporary artist in the game. The stans who make up the core of the BeyHive are the some most vocally supportive fans of any artist, but for every person who has pledged their undying fealty to King Bey, Beyoncé haters are just as fervent in their dislike for Miss Knowles. Regardless of which side you rep, tonight’s Super Bowl halftime show had something for everyone.

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THE STANS: The last time we saw Bey perform something other than the National Anthem was in May of 2012, when she performed a five night stand at Atlantic City’s Revel casino. That said, this is her first nationally televised performance since she gave birth to Blue Ivy Carter just over a year ago and, if tonight was any indication, she hasn’t lost a single step. Coming out to an abridged version of “Love On Top” while silhoutted against a backdrop of a 40 foot tall flaming Bey, she quickly broke into “Crazy In Love,” putting her vaunted, high energy dance moves on showcase. Her hair looked FLAWLESS, and her body looked positively SICK. She was also gracious enough to share the spotlight with her Destiny’s Child brethren Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, which included a three-song medley of “Bootylicious,” “Independent Women Pt. 1″ and “Single Ladies,” once again proving that despite her superstar status, she remains one of the most gracious and selfless performers in the game.

THE HATERS: Ugh, BEYONCÉ! America’s least favorite robot had the AUDACITY to start off her Super Bowl set by lip-synching “Love On Top,” despite her claims that she would “absolutely” be singing live tonight. TYPICAL! She relied WAY too heavily on backing tracks and piped in vocals (Jay-Z’s verse on “Crazy In Love,” Sean Paul’s on “Baby Boy”), and refused to cede the spotlight AT ALL when Kelly and Michelle came out to share the stage with her. You’re meaning to tell us that of ALL the songs in the Destiny’s Child canon that they could have performed, she forced them to do one of her solo songs (“Single Ladies”)!!! And what, praytell, was WITH that finale? She spent the last three minutes of her set on her knees, not even dancing, pretending to sing “Halo.” Bring back the Black Eyed Peas, yeesh!

SETLIST: “Love On Top” / “Crazy In Love” / “End Of Time” / “Baby Boy” / “Bootylicious” (with Kelly Rowland & Michelle Williams) / “Independent Women #1″ (w/Kelly & Michelle) / “Single Ladies” / “Halo”

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25 Things That May Or May Not Happen During Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

Beyonce Super Bowl Prop Bets

Yesterday’s press conference was further proof that Sunday is a Beyoncé concert with a little bit of athletic competition on the side. With all that’s been said–and repeatedly questioned–about her potential lip-synching last week, along with the halftime show’s ability to ignite minor scandals family-first viewers can’t seem to let go of (wave hello, M.I.A.!) we thought it was only to fair to compose of list of things that could happen during the big show–as well a handful of dream scenarios we desperately hope will come true, but are willing to settle for having play out in our twisted minds until the end of time.

We’re still a few days away from kickoff, so why not play along at home? Do your homework, keep track of this list during the show, and tell us if we are brilliant or simply outstanding for putting this all together come Monday morning.

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Beyonce Is Performing “Crazy In Love” And “Survivor” At The Super Bowl And All Is Right With The World Again

Beyonce's Super Bowl Set List

Beyoncé‘s inauguration duties are behind her, and we’d like to call for a moratorium on chatter about whether she dared to use a backing track in the presence of Barack Obama. There bigger problems at hand and Bey has plenty of fabulous people in her corner should sticklers want to argue about something that escalated Whitney Houston to new levels of fame. And we, as fans, have much more important things on our agenda! Like, planning a Super Bowl party with scheduled bathroom trips as not to miss any important demonstrations of athletic ability–or impressive freakoutery by one Jim Harbaugh–and flawless musical talent from this year’s halftime star. Can you believe we’re just nine days away? I wouldn’t wait much longer to acquire the necessities for seven-layer dip.

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Destiny’s Child Tells Us They Love Us With New Track, “Nuclear”

Destiny's Child Releases New Song "Nuclear"

So much for waiting for the Super Bowl. The first new Destiny’s Child single since 2005 has arrived, ready to remind the world of why they might be considered one of the greatest female groups of all-time or that Beyoncé gets far too many of the solos. “Nuclear” sneakily premiered on Mashable on Friday afternoon, making us cancel any after-work plans in exchange for launching full DC3 retrospective. (Hot Friday night, yes?) You can check out the song in full, below, but first, we’ve jotted down our initial reactions to this monumental offering.

0:01 “I love you,” Beyonce coos. No, Bey. We love YOU. And now we’re blushing. You don’t know how long we’ve been waiting for you to say that to us!

0:18 Bring the beat in. Pharrell (who produced and co-wrote, along with Michelle, James Fauntleroy and Lonny Bereal) seems to be channeling some early ’90s R&B here.

0:30 “They want to know how we keep our sh-t together.” BRB amending our “Beyonce has a potty mouth” assessment now. Destiny’s children no more!

0:43 Bey is mostly interested in “when the two become one, on a quantum level.” Who say physics isn’t sexy? We’re somewhat unconvinced by this interesting use of wordplay, but we commend Michelle for brushing up on science (don’t forget the magnets next time!) during DC3′s hiatus.

0:52 “It’s nuuuu-cleee-arrr/With youuuuuu hereee.” Three syllable words can be tricky, and is this really the most romantic or sexy of adjectives to include in a song about love? We just think of explosions (sorry!).

1:22 (Maybe it helps if you add some grunts?)

1:41 Kelly! We live for moments like this.

1:58 So, this beat is crazy good.

2:25 We are now toe-tapping and shimmying, should you need suggestions for appropriate choreography.

2:50 Finally, Michelle’s last-minute solo contribution has arrived!

3:18 Here’s where thing start to get ominous: “There’s nowhere left to run, why run, why would you run?”

3:38 And it doesn’t stop there: “Blow it all away,” ladies? Is DC3 finished? (Is this their swan song?) Do we need to worry about certain relationships? Is Blue Ivy going to have two bedrooms?! Nah, they’re probably just trying to set the mood. When you’re in love nothing else matters–or so we hear.

New music from Destiny’s Child is always welcome, and although this isn’t the empowering sound that makes us want to blow an entire paycheck on shoes just to prove our own self-worth as independent women, it’s a silky throwback that’s slowly but surely ingrained itself into our brains. But that doesn’t mean it’s the kind of track millions of drunk and rowdy football fans will want to get down to during halftime. That’s just our opinion, any way. How about you? Is this the triumphant return of Destiny’s Child you’ve been waiting patiently for? Let us know, while we go back to rehearsing “Jumpin’ Jumpin’” choreography in our cubicle.

Listen to the World Premiere of Destiny’s Child’s “Nuclear” [Mashable]
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