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A Complete History Of Twerking (1993-2013)

A History Of Twerking

Seems like everywhere you turn these days, somebody is twerking. The term has been around for darn near 20 years, but thanks to some recent high profile stories regarding the still scandalous form of booty-shaking, twerking has officially entered the zeitgeist. Miley Cyrus is twerking, Nicki Minaj is twerking, tens of thousands of people on Vine are twerking — heck, your grandma might even be twerking!

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Break Up to Make Up: 10 Bands We Wish Would Get Back Together, Already

The Fugees The White Stripes The Spice Girls

The retro junkie in us loves all the nostalgia-y acts performing this summer: Guns ‘N Roses at the Governor’s Ball; Boys II Men, New Kids On the Block, and 98 Degrees on The Package Tour. Which got us thinking, what other bands do we wish would get back together — if only for one perfect night? From The Fugees to Motley Crue, here’s our wish list.

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Kelly Rowland Breaks Down In Tears While Airing Her “Dirty Laundry” In Concert

Kelly Rowland took a giant career risk by openly discussing the jealousy she’s felt towards Beyoncé in her new song, “Dirty Laundry.” Fortunately, her emotional and honest confession has been incredibly well-received by music lovers everywhere, and one could make the argument that in the weeks leading up to the release of her fourth studio album as a solo artist, Talk A Good Game, she’s never been better positioned to experience commercial success. Despite her recent success, though, it’s pretty apparent that Rowland is still in the midst of working through some serious emotions.

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Is Beyonce The Heir Apparent To Michael Jackson’s Legacy? (Her Super Bowl Performance Suggests Yes)

Is Beyonce The Next Michael Jackson?

Beyoncé delivered an incredible performance during halftime of Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday night, one filled with the skill, swagger, and precision we’ve come to expect from music’s best and biggest live act right now (yes, we went there). Her show prompted conversation after the fact without help from a wardrobe malfunction or flipping of the bird, and further positions her as an arguable “heir” to Michael Jackson. Who else has sucked up all the power from a 73,000-seat arena?

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Top 9 Beyonce Bowl GIFs And Other Wacky Super Bowl Moments

As a collective we’ve all come to the conclusion last night’s Super Bowl XLVII was in fact the Beyoncé Bowl (#BeyBowl), right? Good. Bey slayed the stage by live singing of course with something for the stans, the haters and everyone in between. Watching Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams literally pop in the air onto the stage in real time nearly gave Destiny’s Child fans a heart attack. Thank the Internet gods for gifs. Here’s nine of our favorite gif moments from Bey’s performance. Enjoy watching them over and over. And over. Read more…