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15 Greatest Hits Albums That Totally Didn’t Need To Happen

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Greatest Hits albums and Best Of collections can be pretty devisive. In one way, they’re a nice and convenient chance to get all of your favorite songs in a single convenient disc. Just look at Eagles Greatest Hits (1971-1975), which sold more copies than any record in the 20th century! But these compilations can also be seen as a cheap last-ditch effort to milk a few more dollars out of an artist who’s long been on the decline. This is goes double if the artist hasn’t actually had enough hits to fill an album to begin with!

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Thanksgiving’s 10 Most Thankful Songs

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Thanksgiving is here and you’re no doubt already feeling thankful, for getting the day off from work! Later today you’ll be stuffed to the gills on turkey and mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie and washing it down with spiced wine and spiked eggnog and then the reality will sink in. You’re stuck here. With your family, who you love to death but who drive you crazy with their non-stop questions about whom you’re dating, why you didn’t get that promotion, why do you still live in that crappy neighborhood, when are you going to settle down and have kids and on top of that you’re really, really, really, uncomfortably full. Read more…

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Dido Performs “No Freedom” On Big Morning Buzz Live

After a four-plus year hiatus, Dido is releasing a brand new LP of original material today, a collection called Girl Who Got Away. The British songstress stopped by Big Morning Buzz Live this morning for a quick chat with Carrie Keagan, as well as to sing the album’s second single, “No Freedom.” Read more…

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Friday Face-Off: Dido vs. Fall Out Boy

We’re in Thanksgiving recovery mode, so it’s time for a special Black Friday Face-Off! You may be nursing a raging feast belly after attempting to induce an L-Tryptophan coma to stave off squirm-worthy questions about “marrying that nice boy you’re living with” (rinse down turkey with wine and repeat). Or you just said no to traditional T-Day and are recovering from the hangover that accompanies watching ThanksKilling with friends and stuffing your face (more bacon, less familial judgment). Fall Out Boy‘s “Thnks fr th Mmrs” and Dido‘s “Thank You” respectively fit either scenario. Whose video reflects your Black Friday mood best?

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