by (@BHSmithNYC)

INTERVIEW: That Metal Show‘s Don Jamieson Gets Hell Bent For Laughter!

Don Jamieson is one of a select few people in this world who you can honestly say is living the dream. The wiseass heavy metal fanatic from New Jersey is a successful comic whose live records top the comedy album charts and when not on tour doing stand-up he interviews his idols on VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show with DJ Eddie Trunk and fellow comedian Jim Florentine. For Jamieson, his love of metal and his love of comedy go hand in hand. His latest album Hell Bent For Laughter, the title and packaging a nod to Judas Priest’s 1978 metal opus Hell Bent For Leather, came out in March on famed inde label Metal Bade Records and was an instant hit on iTunes comedy charts. The life of a professional comic is one of constant work and Don was kind enough to talk to us about the new album, his favorite comedians and how he got his start. Read more…