Drake Has More No. 1 Hits On The R&B/Hip-Hop Charts Than Jay-Z

Drake Passes Jay-Z's Record of R&B and Hip Hop No. 1s

People can keep on talking about Drake executive producing Aaliyah‘s posthumous album while he breaks records. It’s official. Drake has the most No. 1 singles on the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop charts with 10 hits including the recent collaboration with 2 Chainz for “No Lies.” He can thank 2 Chainz later. Unexpectedly the YMCMB rapper passed Jay-Z who previously held the title with nine No. 1s on the same charts. The total number includes both individual songs and collaborations. Who would have thought the guy with some of the most regrettable go-to looks would break a veterans record so early in his career? His boss Lil Wayne is third on the list with eight No. 1s  and Kanye West‘s not far behind with six. Weezy really did cultivate the Toronto rapper so he could take over the rap game one R&B/Hip Hop hit at a time. Read more…


Keeping Up With Drake’s Drama Over Executive Producer Creds For Aaliyah’s Posthumous Album

A Timeline of Drake and Aaliyah Drama

Unintentionally, Drake has started quite the sh*tstorm over his executive producer aspirations of Aaliyah‘s posthumous album. Drake’s obsession, we mean admiration, of Aaliyah as an artist runs deep, so deep he inked her face on his back last year. Before the drama surrounding the veracity of the upcoming album he’s EP’ing, he’d big up his favorite artist in interviews. The name dropping was not only an ode to the fallen angel, but a precursor to all of the back and forth about whether or not Drake will have anything to do with Aaliyah’s new music, and if he really has the family’s blessing. If you’re having a hard time keeping up with it all, here’s a timeline of what we know so far. Read more…


Rick Ross’ God Forgives, I Don’t Is The No. 1 Album In The Country

Rick Ross' God Forgives, I Don't No. 1 album

Rick Ross
proclaimed his title as the “biggest boss that you’ve seen thus far” years ago. With God Forgives, I Don’t reaching No.1 on the Billboard 200 he shows and proves why he’s leading the rap game pack. Selling 218,000 records in the first week, GFID is the Miami rapper’s fourth No. 1, which gives him more than seasoned artists like Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg. His sales were peaked thanks to Amazon MP3, which will sell the album for $5 for the entire month of August. It has already racked up 90,000 downloads making it No.1 on the digital album charts. We may be dating ourselves a bit here, but we remember a time when digital sales didn’t exist. Vinyl records, cassettes or CDs were the only ways to purchase music. My how times have changed. Read more…


Drake Serenades Toronto At OVO Fest With Surprises From 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj

Drake OVO Fest Brings Out 2 Chainz, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Waka

Drake‘s priorities right now: OVO Fest and finishing his high school diploma. Oh, and somewhere between the two is showing the world his love for Aaliyah by executive producing her posthumous album. But last night it was all about giving back to his hometown, the 416. Toronto, Canada was in for a treat with a lively two-hour set at the OVO Fest from the rapper who’d dropped the new track “Enough Said” featuring Aaliyah hours before his show. In all white Drizzy performed a range of his catalog including “Take Care,” “Lord Knows,” “Over,” “Practice,” “We’ll Be Fine,” “Marvin’s Room” and “Headlines.” The cherry with sprinkles on top of the already delicious sundae was the surprise guests like The Weeknd (also a Toronto native), 2 Chainz, A$AP Rocky, Waka Flocka Flame, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, French Montana, Snoop Dogg (er, Snoop Lion) and Nicki Minaj. Read more…

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Aaliyah and Drake, Her #1 Fan, Collaborate For “Enough Said”

Drake‘s been vying hard for his #1 Babygirl Fan cred, with samples and name drops and tattoos and all. This latest move, though, one-ups it all.

Drizzy has pulled previously unreleased vocals from the vaults and, with production help from his producer Noah “40” Shebib and with a guest verse by he himself, returning Aaliyah to the world for a new song. Just like he said he would. Posted to the October’s Very Own blog right before the OVO Festival in Toronto yesterday, and cited as an Aalyiah song featuring Drake, the title says it all: “Enough Said.”

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Elements of Drake’s Style: His 13 Most Regrettable Go-To Looks

Drake has, as a rapper and a rap star, forged his own by singing, rapping, hugging and wearing as many sweaters as he so pleases. Capable when articulating his heartbreaks and struggles with fame and new-found fortune, he seems to struggle with sartorial expression and has showed up on stages and red carpets, about town and in videos, in everything from bold animal prints to his too well worn team sweats and only occasionally dressed to the 9’s (suits, by the way, he looks great in!). Drake has worked hard through the years to find a look all his own, and though he’s taken a lot of slack for his bold and often regrettable attempts, he’s yet to shy away from a bold pattern nor an unusual accessory. Because, like he says, “it’s all of the little accents that make me a king/ I never hear the disses they try to point out to me, but it’s whatever if somebody wants to make it a thing.”

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Drake Gets Another Aaliyah Tattoo, But At Least He’s Working On His High School Diploma

Drake's New Aaliyah Tattoo

Drake‘s fascination with Aaliyah just got weirder. In heaven she’s probably saying, “You wasn’t with me shooting in the gym!” using his own line to question his latest move proving, uh, he’s borderline obsessed. Forget the tattoo of Aaliyah’s face on his back–that wasn’t enough! Sampling her “At Your Best (You Are Love)” for “Unforgettable” didn’t quite scream ‘I love you, Aaliyah’ enough either. Executive producing her posthumous album was almost enough to profess his admiration for her. It took Drizzy’s latest tattoo to truly honor the late R&B singer, you know, the one he never met. Read more…


Drake’s Taking His Love For Aaliyah To The Next Level By Executive Producing Her Posthumous Album

Drake to Produce the next Aaliyah album

Drake took infatuation to another level when he tattooed the late R&B singer Aaliyah‘s face on his back last year. And the tat isn’t small. Well the latest news surrounding Drizzy and one of our favorite R&B sweethearts takes his admiration for her to a level above and beyond his back ink. Hip Hop DX reports that Drake is set to executive produce Aaliyah’s forthcoming posthumous album. Drake as executive producer? This could be good, folks. Considering Drake’s ability to tap into the emotions prevalent in R&B music and his ear for hit songs–makes for a good start to cooking up some magic. Read more…

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Last Lap: Drake and Run D.M.C. Join Jay-Z’s Made In America Festival

The line-up includes everyone from D’Angelo to Skrillex, Run D.M.C. to Drake, and the Dirty Projectors to Odd Future — not too shabby. But only two of the three so-called three kings? Let’s hope Dre‘s making like Azealia and keeping on lock-down until Detox is done. Bonus: “3 Kings” gets a video! [MadeInAmerica]

That’s $1.57 in U.S. dollars. But pocket change! [NME]

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