Eminem’s Funniest Throwbacks That Are Hard To Forget


When a young Eminem came onto the scene with bleached blonde hair and a bad attitude, the Detroit emcee released a slew of highly offensive but hilarious music videos that have lived on in infamy. Take a look back at these unforgettable music videos that will have you laughing your ass off.

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20 MORE Amazing Songs About Butts


By Chris Carpenter (@chriscarplive)

Last year—after many grueling hours of scientific research and consultations with booty experts—we compiled a list of the 15 greatest songs about butts. However, with so much booty in this world (right, Kim Kardashian?) we think it’s time to wow you with 20 more great songs about butts. (Jingle, jingle. Christmas came early, booty lovers.) While our original list is still pretty great (awesome, even) – we regretfully left out a few wondrous jams dedicated to juicy derrieres. The booties were super sad about that. Our bad! And being alive during a booty-obsessed year (right, Amber Rose?)—where Jason Derulo begged butts worldwide to do some wiggling and J.Lo and Iggy Azeala’s moneymakers went cheek-to-cheek in the steamy “Booty” video—it’s only right that we pay homage to newfangled, booty-inspired, musical masterpieces. So. Many. Bums.


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by (@BHSmithNYC)

Metallica Honor Those “For Whom The Bell Tolls” And Steal The Show At The Concert For Valor


On a night that honored those who served their country in the United States Military, Metallica showed why they are the biggest heavy metal band in the world. Introduced by metal loving comedian Jack Black as “a favorite of our troops,” and surrounded on stage by servicemen and women, the band’s appearance at The Concert For Valor had the same emotional impact as The Who’s performance at The Concert for New York City following the September 11th attacks. Read more…