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Ester Dean Knows She Has A Hit When She Feels A “Little Chill”

Last month we talked about super song writer Ester Dean, and pontificated that she just might be the next big thing to cross over from behind the scenes to center stage after her amazing new track “Gimme Money” featuring Nicki Minaj was released. The New Yorker has profiled Dean (along with producer team Stargate), and the article only serves to future enforce her prowess as a hit machine. The New Yorker says, “Dean has a genius for infectious hooks. Somehow she is able to absorb the beat and the sound of a track, and to come out with its melodic essence. The words are more like vocalized beats than like lyrics, and they don’t communicate meaning so much as feeling and attitude—they nudge you closer to the ecstasy promised by the beat and the “rise,” or the “lift,” when the track builds to a climax.”

The article describes Dean’s process for hit making, and the whole thing seems so intrinsically organic that we can’t help but feel that Ester is destined for pop greatness. “Dean’s preferred method of working is to delay listening to a producer’s track until she is in the studio, in front of the mike. “I go into the booth and I scream and I sing and I yell, and sometimes it’s words but most time it’s not,” she told me. “And I just see when I get this little chill, here”—she touched her upper arm, just below the shoulder—“and then I’m, like, ‘Yeah, that’s the hook.’ ” If she doesn’t feel that chill after five minutes, she moves on to the next track, and tries again.”

The article goes on to say, “After several minutes of nonsense singing, the song began to coalesce. Almost imperceptibly, the right words rooted themselves in the rhythm while melodies and harmonies emerged in Dean’s voice. Her voice isn’t hip-hop or rock or country or gospel or soul, exactly, but it could be any one of those. “I’ll come alive tonight,” she sang. Dancing now, Dean raised one arm in the air. After a few more minutes, the producers told her she could come back into the control room. “See, I just go in there and scream and they fix it,” she said, emerging from the booth, looking elated, almost glowing.”

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Is Ester Dean The Next Artist To Cross Over From Songwriter To Super Star?

Prolific songwriter Ester Dean has just released her own song (featuring Nicki Minaj), called “Gimme Money”, and it’s got everyone talking — will Dean be the next big songwriter to cross over into the world of pop stardom as a performance artist? The track is Dean’s second collaboration with Minaj, after her vocals appeared on Nicki’s hit single “Super Bass.” If the success of “Super Bass” is anything to go by, then the pairing of the two women is a match made in chart heaven, and may just kick off Dean’s solo career. “Gimme Money” is in keeping with the euro-dance led anthemic beats that found popularity in 2011, with just the right amount of hard femme-edge in the girl raps and Dean’s husky r&b vocal.

Dean is no stranger to the hit song, already with 2009’s “Drop It Low” featuring Chris Brown under her belt as well as her vocal is also appears twice on the critically received soundtrack for Rio. But, like many songwriters-turned-performers who have come before her, including Katy Perry, Ryan Tedder and Ne-yo, Dean has that extra edge — understanding the hit machine from behind the scenes, and knowing what it takes to create a memorable, iconic pop song from the ground up. And Dean’s songwriting experience is nothing to sneeze at, writing almost all of Rihanna‘s Talk That Talk and having written songs for the likes of Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Ciara, Nicole Scherzinger, Usher, Kelly Rowland, Girlicious, R. Kelly, Britney Spears, Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em, Pia Toscano, Tinie Tempah, Lil Wayne, and Machine Gun Kelly. With such an impressive resume, we’re thinking that Ester Dean might just be the next songwriter to become a worldwide pop sensation.

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