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8 Artists Who Have Used The Stage As Their Personal Toilet


Nature — if you catch our drift — has a habit of calling at the most inopportune times, and these artists know about that firsthand. Believe or not, more than a handful of your favorite musicians have felt the urge to — erm —  relieve themselves mid-performance. But sadly, concert stages typically aren’t equipped with toilets, so these folks had to soil themselves. In front of an audience. Yep —  happy Tuesday! (Warning: Some videos NSFW)

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I Woke Up Like This: 10 Pop Queens With Awesome Unfinished Hairstyles

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-By Lucelenia Amparo

Beyonce, Rihanna, and even Fergie have all appeared in performances and music videos looking like they lost track of time and forgot to finish doing their hair. Don’t hate, folks: THEY WOKE UP LIKE THIS! And they still look just as fabulous as ever. These influential ladies of pop prove that they can roll out of bed and still look red-carpet ready!

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Hop On The Booze Cruise! 15 Celebrities With Their Own Alcohol Brands


We know celebrities like to party, but these guys take drinking to a whole different level. Their own level. That’s right: Fergie, Justin Timberlake, Lil Jon and Pharrell Williams are just four of the many musicians who’ve taken liquor and wine into their own hands and launched their own products. So get into the spirit of things (literally) and check out our gallery of 15 Musicians With Their Own Alcohol Brands.

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VH1 Exclusive: Who Is Midian And Why Is She “Bitter?”

You’ll want to know, “Who’s this Midian chick?” after watching the VH1 premiere of the video to her debut single “Bitter.” Her chilling voice is soulful to its core. Vocally she’s a mix between Adele and Christina Aguilera. Those are not comparisons of her artistry as it’s much too early in her career for that. In what may be her breakout song, the R&B singer/songwriter pours her transparency over the soft piano keys and drum beat. “You don’t know how I feel when I see you out with your new girl/And knowing that you don’t love me anymore makes me so bitter.” Vulnerability is a gamble. No one wants to to admit to the feeling of bitterness after a failed relationship, especially when the ex has moved on. But vulnerability can also be relatable. Read more…

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Lady Gaga’s Endless Promotional Campaign For Born This Way Will Continue Into 2012 With New Year’s Eve Performance

Some have argued that the sales of Lady Gaga‘s Born This Way LP have been disappointing. Whether or not that’s actually true, you can’t lay any of the blame for the sales numbers on the Mother Monster’s promotional efforts. As we documented with our patented Gaga-Mometer™ a few months ago, she’s been pushing the merits of her album since way back on June 21, 2010, making stops at the Grammys, American Idol, the Howard Stern Show and the 2011 VMAs along the way. Soon, you’ll be able to add a Times Square concert for a million-plus revelers on New Year’s Eve to that list.

It was reported earlier today that Gaga has been booked to ring in 2012 with a performance on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest live from the heart of New York City. Meanwhile, Fergie will be stationed in Los Angeles and will host whatever the West Coast equivalent to a ball-drop is. No further details about Gaga’s performance have emerged, so at this point, we ask for you to keep your fingers crossed that Jo Calderone won’t be working on a set of new material that night.

Lady Gaga Will Spend New Year?s in Times Square [Vulture]

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