by (@kat_george)

Tuned In: Nada Surf Injects Fallon With “Hi-Speed Soul”

We remember distinctly the edge of puberty — all awkward, disproportionate limbs, angsty scrawls in diaries emblazoned with pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio and Tiffani Amber Thiessen, and Nada Surf‘s “Popular.” Somewhat of an anthem for the 90s, “Popular” is probably the first thing you’ll think of when you hear the name Nada Surf, despite the band’s impressively full 20 year catalog. For their 20th year as a band, Nada Surf are back with a new album, The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy, and last night played “Hi-Speed Soul” (above) and “Waiting For Something” on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. With hints of the music you loved in the 90s, “Hi-Speed Soul” infuses power-pop with indie rock for a high energy, dynamic sound.

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