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Hangout Fest: 12 Visuals From The Flaming Lips Show That Will Make You Trip Balls

The Flaming Lips are the Godfathers of festival bands, taking the pomp, pageantry, and swirling lights to a whole different level with a dazzling display for your eyes as well as your ears. Since the early ’00s, their shows have gotten increasingly more elaborate, featuring balloons, giant puppets, video projections, men in bubbles, and other things to make your head spin. But these days everyone does the confetti, crazy costumes and beach balls, so Wanye Coyne and his band of lovable freaks (our highest compliment) decided to kick it up a notch during their Hangout Fest performance. And what they did changed the game.
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The Killers, The Flaming Lips + More! Here Are 6 Acts You CAN’T Miss At Hangout Fest Day 2

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If you were watching our livestream yesterday, you know that Hangout Fest 2014 got off to a raging start, showcasing unforgettable performances from Wiz Khalifa, Ingrid Michaelson, Gary Clark Jr, Childish Gambino and The Black Keys, who premiered songs from their latest album, Turn Blue. Now, if you weren’t watching our livestream (or hanging out with us down in Gulf Shores, Alabama) DON’T make the same mistake today! If you’re unsure which of the dozens of bands to watch, your friends at VH1 have taken the time to narrow it down to the 6 acts you simply cannot miss.  Read more…

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SXSW 2013: The Flaming Lips Bring Yoshimi To Austin


After spending five consecutive days at SXSW, your body starts to feel the effects of ingesting little other than tortilla-encased foodstuffs and Shiner Bock. Still, we powered through the body’s natural urge to shut down and made our way last night to one of downtown Austin’s premiere venues, The Belmont, for The Warner Sound’s downright phenomenal showcase featuring Frightened Rabbit, The Joy Formidable, Alt-J, and headliners The Flaming Lips. Read more…

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Huh? The 5 Weirdest Promotional Stunts Of 2012

Everyone knows that albums don’t sell — exceptions granted to all British neo-soul performers whose names begin with the letter “A” and end with “dele,” because their albums go Diamond — and so tasked with the challenge of assuring that their albums actually sell, artists have done away with the televised performance here, album singing there promotional tours of old in favor of elaborate stunts that include breaking world records, reuniting with abusive boyfriends, large pizza pies and selling at least a few extra records. Here are five of the wackiest pulled in the last 365 days:

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OMA Report: The Flaming Lips Break The World Record!

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It is Guinness World Record official: The Flaming Lips have broken the record for the most concerts in different cities in one day. With about forty minutes to spare, the Flaming Lips took the stage at the House of Blues in New Orleans for the eighth and last time to play “Do You Realize?” Balloons and confetti fell from the ceiling, and Wayne Coyne sounded no worse for the wear of his epic journey. “Finally!” he yelled, urging the crowd to sing along. “Come on come on come on!”

“I feel like I could go another f***ing 24-hours,” Coyne joked as he accepted the record from to Guinness World Record officiants with a half-hour to spare. “I think I’ll get that call from Jay-Z pretty soon.”

Check out the record breaking performance of “Do You Realize?” below, and see more highlights from the day over on!

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Last Lap: The Flaming Lips and Grace Potter Rock A Led Zeppelin Cover

Last night in Mississippi, Potter joined the Flaming Lips for a cover of “The Song Remains The Same.” Tonight at 7 p.m. ET, the Lips will play their record breaking 8th show in 24 hours. Will you be watching? [OMA]

If the MMG rapper’s Tweets are to be believed, club-going has been tough post-brawl. [GlobalGrind]

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OMA Report: The Flaming Lips Perform With Karmin, Get Tied Up By Grace Potter

The O Music Awards are full speed along and, 15 hours in, everyone still seems to be having fun! Don’t believe me? Tune in now: the team is currently in Biloxi, Mississippi, poolside with a bunch of bikini clad girls and the Neon Trees, waiting for the Flaming Lips to set up for their sixth performance. Just nine hours, two cities, three more shows, and the record is theirs!

The Lips and friends seem, so far, to be having a blast. After kicking things off with a performance of their own (Show #1) and before bouncing from Memphis to city two, Wayne Coyne dropped in on Sun Studio where Karmin performed a stripped down version of their “Brokenhearted.” Unlike the host, he did not know all the words, but the huge grin on his face suggests that he will soon enough. (Watch the video above.)

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