Another Reason To Love Florence Welch: She Owns A$AP Rocky’s “I Come Apart”

There’s excitement about the Harlem kid who unapologetically wears plaits and pushes fashion boundaries by fearlessly rocking a skirt. Almost a full month before A$AP Rocky‘s long awaited LongLiveASAP his full album leaked to his disappointment. It’s expected for an album to leak a week prior to release, but a full month is a devastating blow to a new artist. When your entire LP leaks individual songs will soon follow. “I Come Apart,” a bonus track featuring Florence Welch of Florence & The Machine hit the ‘net today showcasing one of the many experimental sounds he toys with.

He opens sounding like a younger Kanye. “I thought you said you’d never leave.” With little bass A$AP opts for a calm flow. By his final verse he’s gone from sounding like Yeezy to Wiz Khalifa. Florence’s voice is the song’s glory. Instinctively you hone in on the chorus she sings. A$AP takes chances. It has been one of his greatest assets. You’re unable to put A$AP in any type of box. He knows that and lives by it in his music.

A$AP Rocky feat. Florence Welch – I Come Apart (leak) [Oh No They Didn’t]

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Florence Of Florence & The Machine Stops Fight At Concert With A Polite Scolding

You will laugh, then you will feel all warm and fuzzy inside after watching Florence Welch of Florence & The Machine nicely scold concertgoers for fighting at her show. In Aberdeen, Scotland a fight near the stage broke out while she was singing “Shake It Out.” Florence immediately stopped the performance with a demand: “I can’t have you fight in front of me while I try to sing this song,” she said in her lovely British accent. “No fighting allowed. I don’t know what’s happening, but I’d quite like it to stop. Doesn’t matter whose fault it is.” Tell them Flo! “Excuse me, all of you, stop it.” We’re fawning over her for taking matters into her own hands. Besides, who fights at a Florence & The Machine concert? As someone who has seen the group’s awesome live show, let us reassure you there is nothing to fight about. Read more…


Music Seen: Mud Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop The Music At Lollapalooza

We came. We saw. We listened. We scrubbed ourselves clean afterward. Lollapalooza 2012 has come and gone, and since it was a weekend that’s likely “fuzzy” for many of its attendees, here are some photographs of the festival’s musicians and crazed fans alike including The Black Keys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fun., Perry Farrell and the extremely-photogenic Florence Welch.

Emily Haines of Metric

Passion Pit

Lollapalooza Fans

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Lollapalooza Day Three Recap: All Hail Queen Flo

Mother Nature cut Lollapalooza concertgoers a break for the third and final day of music/debauchery, delivering bright sunshine and a breeze. The stinkier-by-the-minute mud pits lingered, though, and the filth-lovers of the crowd wasted no time jumping right in. It was a day of dream fulfillment, surprise cameos, and of course, plenty of ear candy.

Outasight stopped by VH1 in a jovial post-show mood. He kindly took the time to chat with VH1 News’ Janell Snowden. Stay tuned for the interview!

I was reluctant to venture back into the chaos that was Perry’s stage, but duty called, as did Swedish electronica band Little Dragon. The stylish frontwoman Yukimi Nagano worked her tambourine like a boss and the dancing fans ate it right up as a conga line of various blow-up creatures bounced above their heads.

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