The Name Remains So Lame: 10 Metal Bands With Non-Metal Monikers


So you’ve decided it’s time for you to start your very own metal band. You’ve got the requisite Marshall stacks and pointy guitars, you’ve assembled a group of like-minded metalheads with which to play and you’ve found yourself a cramped rehearsal space to start creating heavy sounds. Only thing you need now is a band name. Hmm…how about…Rainbow? Dew-Scented? The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza? YEAH, NOW THAT’S FREAKIN’ METAL!!! Wait…what? It turns out that some metal bands have decided to go a different route from the typical death, chaos and destruction themes and chosen handles that are a little, dare we say…lamer? And although these band names don’t exactly convey heaviness, once the songs kick in and you hear those pummeling riffs, there’s no mistaking that these are indeed HEAVY METAL bands. Here’s a list of 10 Metal Bands with Non-Metal Monikers – band names as atypical as the various types of metal they play. Read more…

by (@BHSmithNYC)

That Metal Show Season 7 Outtakes: Beauty Tips From Chris Jericho + Duff McKagan!


In less than 2 months That Metal Show will make its return to VH1 Classic and its birthplace of New York City. To get you in the mood we’ve gotten our hands on some awesome backstage extras from past seasons and will be rolling them out each week leading up to the TMS Season 13 premiere on January 18th. This week see what happens when the boys exchange beauty tips with Season 7 guests Chris Jericho, of wrestling and Fozzy fame, and former Guns N’ Roses and current Walking Papers bassist Duff McKagan. As you can expect much ball-busting ensues. Read more…