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Loud And Proud And LGBT: Sam Smith Is One Of Many Out Musicians

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The rising British soul singer and VH1 You Oughta Know artist for the month of June is proud of his homosexuality, and we’re proud of him! Already this year, Sam Smith has seen major success in the US pop charts, following his triumph across the pond in the U.K. In addition to his incredible year, Sam will be joining the ranks  gay, lesbian, and bisexual musicians who serve as beacons for the LGBT community.

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Frank Ocean Posts (And Then Deletes) Shirtless Selfie


Oh hello, Frank Ocean. The other night the R&B singer was having some late night fun when he posted a shirtless selfie to his Tumblr page. The singer has since deleted the image and posted a follow-up reading, “all posts after 2am and before 7am shall be forgiven.” Oh don’t worry, your photo is forgiven Mr. Ocean. Although deleting it is not. Thankfully, Tumblr users were able to grab the image before it disappeared.

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Shillin’ Out: 15 Huge Musicians We Can’t Believe Sang Commercial Jingles


Companies are always approaching rock stars to lend street cred and coolness to their products. It’s an uneasy alliance, but it does mean serious exposure…and a serious paycheck. Hey, those private jets aren’t going to pay for themselves! Sometimes it’s a passive partnership, with the musicians handing over their classic songs for use in television commercials. But other times the star plays a more active role -singing a jingle, or even penning a whole new song!

Recently, Frank Ocean very nearly became the spokes-singer for Chipotle, but pulled out of the deal before he recorded the tune. Honestly, we had kind of a hard time imagining the rapper shilling for a burrito chain (although we love the guac, don’t get us wrong). Although we guess it wouldn’t have been any weirder than these 15 OTHER megastars who turned jingle-singers…

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Where’s The Beef: Which Music Artists Have Had Controversies With Big Companies?

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If you want to be a big time musician, you’ll naturally have to acquaint yourself with businesspeople. And with all sorts of contracts flying around, not to mention having to being at odds with companies when it comes to promotional philosophies, something’s bound to go haywire. So which music stars have called out some of the biggest companies around?
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