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The Brit Awards are underway in London with a hefty lineup of some of our favorite Brits. And what’s a British awards show without a performance by the very American Justin Timberlake? It’s all love. Music transcends. You Oughta Know artist Emeli Sande won big for British Female Solo Artist. One Direction took the stage while Harry gazed into Taylor Swift‘s eyes the entire time (we’re totally making that up) as she sat in the audience writing her next song (yeah, we made that up too). T. Swift also performed in what looks like a wedding gown. Other notables Rita Ora, Frank Ocean, Jessie Ware and Lana Del Rey graced the red carpet. What was up with all the black this year? Boring! Meanwhile Jessie J stole the show with her side peek-a-boob. Check out our gallery of the best of the Brit Awards.

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Grammys 2013: Who Should Win Best New Artist? [POLL]

Best New Artist Grammy Category

If you’ve been counting down the days until Taylor Swift, Elton John, and Rick Ross are in the same room, your dreadful wait is almost over. Almost. Now that the Beyoncé Super Bowl has come and gone–taking much of New Orleans’ electricity along with it–it is time for us music nerds to prognosticate on which of our favorite acts will take home something big and shiny at the 2013 Grammy Awards this weekend… and who will be adding trophies to their bookshelf.

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Frank Ocean Will Not ‘Murder Or Mutilate’ A Man Over Chris Brown Brawl

To press charges or not to press charges, that was the question for Frank Ocean. His melee with Chris Brown left folks scratching their heads with unanswered questions like, who started the brawl. Frank was the aggressor according to Chris’s camp and Chris started it according to Frank’s. But Chris’s violent past, Chris leaving the scene and Frank’s tweet claiming he’d been jumped led to a common belief that Frank would press charges. But Frank chooses peace. Read more…

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25 Things That May Or May Not Happen During Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

Beyonce Super Bowl Prop Bets

Yesterday’s press conference was further proof that Sunday is a Beyoncé concert with a little bit of athletic competition on the side. With all that’s been said–and repeatedly questioned–about her potential lip-synching last week, along with the halftime show’s ability to ignite minor scandals family-first viewers can’t seem to let go of (wave hello, M.I.A.!) we thought it was only to fair to compose of list of things that could happen during the big show–as well a handful of dream scenarios we desperately hope will come true, but are willing to settle for having play out in our twisted minds until the end of time.

We’re still a few days away from kickoff, so why not play along at home? Do your homework, keep track of this list during the show, and tell us if we are brilliant or simply outstanding for putting this all together come Monday morning.

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Where Does Frank Ocean And Chris Brown’s Brawl Rank In Music Beefs Of 2013?

Only 28 days into 2013 and the Grade D beefs between artists keep rolling in. Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj have been the hot water-cooler topic since October but that may have just changed with news of Frank Ocean and Chris Brown‘s brawl over a parking space. Check out our top five beefs of 2013.

1. Chris Brown and Frank Ocean get ’bout it ’bout it over a parking space

If reports are accurate, Chris and Frank actually fought. For this reason alone this is the leading feud of the year. Although their dislike for one another has been lingering since June 2011, it’s almost laughable the two came to blows over a parking spot. And how often does a celeb tweet then delete anything that could paint them in negatively in the press? Not Frank O. He’s rocking out with his tweet that Chris and his boys jumped him. If only his dog Everest had been there.  Read more…


Big Boi Is Tired Of The Outkast Questions ‘Cause ‘Ain’t Nothing Wrong’ With Their Relationship

The Outkast saga continues as we’re reminded daily that we shouldn’t expect any new music from the southern pair. See, as music lovers everyone got all excited about the possibility of a reunion when Big Boi added his verse to Frank Ocean‘s “Pink Matter.” Then there was talk about an added Big Boi verse on T.I.‘s “Sorry” that already featured Andre 3000. An educated guess led us all to believe that the logical next step was an actual Outkast song that we’ve waited for for six long years. But nope. 3 Stacks had to go kill our dreams with the statement on “what this is … and what it isn’t.” Read more…


Beyonce’s “BaddieBey” Instagram Name Inspired By OMG Girlz And Another Handwritten Letter

Who will honestly admit that “baddiebey” seemed like an unusual, slightly puzzling Instagram name for Beyonce? Now we know where it originated from and it makes perfect sense. Through a thank you handwritten note–yes, another one–she credits the teen girl group The OMG Girlz as the reason she chose the handle.

The trio group managed by Tameka “Tiny” Cottle (T.I.‘s wife and former Xscape member) were featured on the Ishlist 36 to countdown the 7 reasons Bey is a “baddie.” Among the seven reasons Bey reigns supreme were she can actually sing and dance, and always exhibits such grace. Now that Bey has joined the rest of the world on Tumblr and Instagram she’s made a habit of writing handwritten letters whenever she’s moved enough to do so. Frank Ocean was on the receiving end of a handwritten note after his brave transparency. Of course both President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have received congratulatory and thank you handwritten notes respectively.

It was no different for the OMG Girlz whom Bey wanted to thank personally for the kind things they said in the video. “You named my Instagram !!!FYI!!!,” she wrote. Cute concept that Bey has made all her own. But please, no more handwritten letters Bey. Let writers write while you continue dominating music.

Beyonce Credits The OMG Girlz For Naming Her ‘Baddie’ [Necole Bitchie]

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