Lil Wayne’s Stirring Up Marital Issues For Chris Bosh While Drake Wants No Parts Of The NBA Vs. Wayne Beef

Lil Wayne must be to the point in his career where he has zero effs to give about losing fans. Last week it was the disgusting Emmett Till lyrics on Future‘s “Karate Chop” that offended even Stevie Wonder. His latest antics include a tirade against the Miami Heat with the ultimate diss against one of its players. Read more…


So This Is What Lil Wayne’s “Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)” Sounds Like Ft. Drake And Future

Ahhh. Exactly what we needed before bringing in the new year was another song referring to women as bitches. Of course it’s not in the derogatory way. It’s a salute to the good kind of bitch. [Insert our eye roll here]. Lil Wayne called his boys Future and Drake to assist him with the auto-tuned track that will allegedly appear on his forthcoming album I Am Not A Human Being II. Weezy’s doing what we call rapsinging throughout the song. “I lost a few bad bitches, met some mo’ bad bitches.” Read more…

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2012’s Most Memorable One-Liners In Music

Whether it arrives via an artist’s song lyrics, ad-libs or in the form of a routine sound while performing on stage, your favorite rappers and singers are constantly dropping consumable anecdotes for the masses. If they’re lucky, these catchphrases are repeated and mimicked often enough to eventually be added to the popular-culture lexicon, used as amusing mantras for us all to drop in text messages and into tweets as #hashtags. Some might even make it into the dictionary.

This year, especially, delivered a treasure trove of jack-able artist quotes, and while you might wish that most of these never make it into 2013, we present you with a nostalgic look at this year in music verbiage: 2012’s Most Memorable One-Liners.

1. “YOLO”
We’ve seen the tattoos and we’ve heard the stories of it tragically back-firing, so there’s certainly no denying that Drake’s (or Rick Ross’?) You Only Live Once motto wasn’t one of the biggest this year.

2. “(Pop A) Molly”
We can all rattle off a list of rappers who (over)used this designer drug reference in 2012, but here’s hoping that Meek, Kanye, French, Trinidad James, Ross and others can find a new addiction to flaunt come January 1.

3. “Oh God”
Like a cheerleader for himself, Detroit’s G.O.O.D Music member Big Sean knows how to announce himself before spitting a verse. Alternate spellings include gawd and gaud.

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Gotye Leads The Way In Our Countdown Of The Top 15 Best Voices Of 2012

2012 has been an interesting year for the music business. As chart genres shift and technology continues to influence how and what we consume, in-flux trends seem to fly in out of nowhere.The viral sensation breakout star, for example. But can we go back to basics for just a moment? These people are here to entertain us and sing, right? Like, into microphones and send sound waves into the universe. Whether their songs permeated the charts all year or their pipes are ones to keep an eye out in the future, the following 15 voices were the most noteworthy in 2012.

1. Gotye
Having created what’s sure to be a sing-along bar anthem for years to come, Gotye’s “Somebody I Used to Know” is a monster. Shout out to Kimbra for the solid assist, too!

2. Sia
In addition to being the voice behind David Guetta’s “Titanium” and Flo Rida’s “Wild Ones” this year, Sia also wrote the lyrics and melody for Rihanna’s “Diamonds” and her talent should be recognized, damn it.

3. Kendrick Lamar
Through storytelling, K-Dot has the versatility to sound nervous, vulnerable and shrieky, macho and intimidating, soft and robotic, Compton tough, and instructively monotone.

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Future Calls On The Queen Of Rap Remixes, Kelly Rowland, For “Neva End” Video + Jimmy Kimmel Performance

Future is quickly becoming the new “it” guy. He’s one of the new-age rappers that can’t really be confined to a narrow space. He raps, but then he sings, albeit auto-tune assisted. He’s slowly honing his new niche–making music with the leading ladies of R&B and pop. He landed on Rihanna‘s “Loveeeeeee Song” from her No. 1 album Unapologetic; and Ciara called up the rapper for the remix to “Sorry.” For the remix to “Neva End” he’s enlisted R&B veteran Kelly Rowland, who is the go-to girl for hot seductive songs with rappers. And although “Neva End” is Future’s song, Kelly owns it. Read more…