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Gin Wigmore Lies About Cheap Jewelry + Other Guiltless Pleasures


May’s You Oughta Know artist Gin Wigmore doesn’t have guilty pleasures. When you’re a tatted up blonde bombshell with an old soul tone that sounds like Amy Winehouse and Duffy made a baby, you enjoy whatever the hell you want with no shame. Instead, Gin shared several “open pleasures” with us that she enjoys with zero f’s given including, but not limited to: buying cheap jewelry and saying its expensive, and rocking Ellen (yep, that Ellen) on her booty. Read more…

by (@fdot415)

MUSIC SEEN: You Oughta Know’s Gin Wigmore Makes Ghostbusters Glamorous


One of the perks of having Gin Wigmore as VH1’s You Oughta Know artist this month is being able to stalk our favorite Kiwi soul siren without being creepy. So, earlier last month we tracked Gin’s every move as she made the rounds across the U.S. from California where she tore up the Live in the Vineyard stage to New York promoting the U.S. release of her sophomore album Gravel & Wine.

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