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‘Rock Icons’ Sneak: Daryl Hall On Why He Hated Rock Music Videos

This Saturday’s installment of Rock Icons features a no-holds-barred profile on Daryl Hall of Hall and Oates. The episode brings the pair together to discuss their dizzying rise to fame in the early ’80s, including all of the best—and worst—elements of success. Hall reveals that it wasn’t all rosy, and that he particularly loathed making music videos for the embryonic MTV market.

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Lachey + Oates? Big Morning Buzz Live’s Nick Lachey Sings “Out Of Touch” With John Oates

There’s nothing we love than a sweet collaboration between two musical souls and that’s what we got this morning on Big Morning Buzz Live. Host Nick Lachey joined forces with tonight’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee John Oates on a stripped down, “modern” cover of the Hall & Oates hit song, “Out of Touch.

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Waxing On Mustaches: John Oates Rates Pop Culture’s Most Famous ‘Staches (VIDEO)

John Oates is, of course, best known for the music he wrote and recorded over the years with Daryl Hall, but the amazingly lush mustache he rocked during the ’70s and ’80s might just be his defining trait as an individual. “A good mustache makes a man for many reasons,” he explained to us during a recent visit to VH1 headquarters in Times Square and, as it turns out, he’s quite the connoisseur of cookie dusters. We asked him to critique the effectiveness of some of pop culture’s most famous mustaches of all-time —including Ron Swanson, Magnum P.I., Borat and more!— in the following feature, which we’ve dubbed WAXING ON MUSTACHES WITH JOHN OATES.

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Friday Face-Off: Queen vs. Hall & Oates

It’s the last day of no-shave November. Despite the good cause the tradition is for, some of us are glad it’s over. Face it, guys, facial hair does not look good on all of you (ahem, Jay Cutler). But, when done right, it can be epic like the Titans of nose ticklers facing off this week: Queen‘s Freddie Mercury vs. Hall & OatesJohn Oats. Can’t decide who has the better crumb catcher? Check out our thoughts on both while we get the shaving cream ready.

Vote for Freddie Mercury’s chevron-style ‘stache or John Oates’ broomstache after the jump.

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Deck The Hall & Oates For A Parody-Filled Christmas Stocking

In one of the best parodies of the year, the Cunningham brothers (Chip Chantry and Tommy Pope) have donned Christmas sweaters, a Santa hat and one amazing handlebar mustache for their Hall & Oates satire album Deck The Hall & Oates. With lyrics like, “He’s a reindeer and his nose is red and the other reindeer well they don’t play / You can’t deny you’re a misfit Rudolph!” set to the tune of “Rich Girl,” the album is full of clever adaptations, cheesy retro throwback montages and plenty of giggles (yours, of course). Other favorite tracks of ours include “King Of The Jews” and “Your Kiss (Is On My Christmas List).” But really, we just can’t get our eyes off that handlebar mo — the Cunningham brothers make a delightfully realistic (while being just a tiny bit off) version of pop legends Daryl Hall & John Oates.

And if that’s not enough Hall & Oates for you this Christmas, you can get the full, immersive experience by calling the Hall & Oates hotline. Yep, you read right. So dial 719-26-OATES to complete the Hall & Oates Christmas experience — you’ll then be prompted to pick out of 4 Hall & Oates songs to listen to. Who needs Spotify?

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Rebecca Black Confirmed For O Music Awards Appearance, While Daryl Hall Picks Up An Award

Daryl Hall and Rebecca Black are two names that we never expected to occupying the same headline, but that’s just part of the beauty of the inaugural O Music Awards. Daryl is, of course, one half of the most popular successful duo in musical history —Hall & Oates racked up 34 Top 100 singles, including six #1s!— and, well, Rebecca has been internet famous for six weeks or so, during which time her “Friday” video has been streamed over 120 million times on YouTube alone.

Daryl just picked up his first O Music Award in the category Best Performance Series for his outstanding web-only broadcast, Live From Daryl’s House. If this show has missed your radar, well, now’s as good a time as any to catch up! Be sure and check out his recent collaborations with You Oughta Know fave Fitz & The Tantrums and one of this writer’s all-time favorite bands, Guster, to get a feel for the show.

And as far as Rebecca is concerned, a press release just hit the wires about her appearance on the show tomorrow night. Follow along for the whole shebang…

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