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Are These Multi-Talented Stars Better At Singing Or Acting? It’s Time To Settle The Debate


Actors venturing into singing — and vice versa — is nothing new. What’s really worth talking about is which talent reigns supreme in some of the most famous double (?) threats. We know, we know: You’ve spent many Saturday nights debating with friends over beers about whether Supernova Icon Goddess Mandy Moore is a better singer or actress. But relief is coming — and not just for the “Candy”/A Walk to Remember chanteuse. We’ve examined 15 celebrities who, on the surface, are equally as good (or, erm, bad) at singing and acting.  Read more…

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Aaron Carter Still Pining Over Hilary Duff, Watches His Guest-Starring ‘Lizzy McGuire’ Episode In The Dark


All Aaron Carter wants for Christmas is Hilary Duff. Earlier this year he posted a series of not-so-subtle tweets mourning the loss of their relationship, which has been over for more than a decade. Duff commented that she was a smidge uncomfortable about the whole thing, but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to pine for her via social media. We’re all for fairy tale endings, but these latest tweets make us want to put our arm around his shoulder and tell him, “It’s over, man. Let it go.”

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10 Future Pop Queens Who Will Totally Inherit The Throne


VH1’s Pop Queen Faceoff is underway, and the competition has been fierce. Everyone from Britney Spears to Janet Jackson to Madonna has battled it out for the top goddess spot. We’ll have the results for you soon, but we started thinking about what will happen if we do this competition again 10 years from now. Who will be the industry’s leading pop queens? It’s an interesting question, but we think we found the answer(s). These 10 ladies have made a solid impression on the pop scene and are swiftly making their way to queen status. Simply put, they’re the pop queens to-be.
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Hilary Duff Bounces Back From Her Breakup In New “All About You” Video

Hilary Duff is calling it a comeback. The 26-year-old singer continues to reclaim her pop star status with the follow up video “All About You” to her July debut “Chasing the Sun.” We know the starlet separated from former hubby Mike Comrie earlier this year, but the video proves she is back in the saddle looking for someone to call a “dirty secret.”

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