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A History Of The Umlaut In Popular Music (You Know, Those Two Little Dots Above A Letter That All The Metal Bands Use)

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We often ponder the origins of famous band names, whether they be boy bands, metal bands or even just really offensive ones. It’s less often that we ponder the diacritical marks some bands use to make their monikers extra special. What’s a diacritical mark you ask? They’re the little doodads you often see above words in other languages that connote how it should be pronounced. The coolest of all diacritical marks is obviously the “umlaut,” which you see used by many heavy metal bands, such as Motörhead and Mötley Crüe. We started wondering, when did bands first start adding it to their logos and what does it mean anyway?  Read more…

by (@BHSmithNYC)

10 Drummers Who Sang Their Hearts Out From Behind Their Kit (So No, Dave Grohl Doesn’t Count But Taylor Hawkins Does)

Let’s be honest, musicians are generally speaking not usually the most athletic people. However, this rule is stood on it’s (drum)head when it comes to those well-muscled percussionists that sit behind the trap-kit. It takes massive amounts of strength, coordination and endurance to master the drums, let alone play them for a typical 40-minute set. If that ain’t enough, there’s a small but multi-skilled set of elite drummers who have been known to take lead vocals while playing their drums AT THE SAME FREAKIN’ TIME! And you thought walking and texting was hard! Read more…