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Hunter Hayes Shows Us What It Means To Feel “Wanted” On Big Morning Buzz Live

Carrie Underwood‘s “Blown Away” tour mate and the Country Music Association’s newly anointed Best New Artist Hunter Hayes was the soundtrack to our morning here at VH1 headquarters, as his performance on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live was so powerful it raised all the way to our desk upstairs where are heels have been taping to the tune of his eponymous studio debut since. Hayes played his No. 1 single, “Wanted,” a song much more soulful than his 21-years and still-boyish good looks. Though he played every instrument on the song for the album version, he performed with a full band. The help freed him up to really lean into “Wanted”‘s heart-tugging moments, and to get up from his lyric scribbled piano and grab the mic for an especially crushing final verse. Also included in the above clip: seriously adorable bonus footage of a teeny-tiny Hunter Hayes performing on Nickelodeon back in the day. Seriously, Hunter, if you wanted to wrap us up, make us feel wanted — we wouldn’t mind.


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Tuned In: Foster The People Play The Quirky “Don’t Stop” Live On Leno

It’s all about You Oughta Know band Foster The People right now, and if you still don’t know who they are you’re even more clueless than these Jeopardy contestants. Just kidding, you’re only clueless if, in reading this, you don’t immediately go and listen to some FTP. The boys are hot business, after all, having been nominated for Grammys and whatnot. Last night, they performed their new single “Don’t Stop” live on Leno (we premiered the video for the single last week) and it was everything you’d expect from FTP: high energy, impeccable vocals and instrumentals, weird crap on the walls and lots of color and flashing lights. And also Mark Foster is a babe. Fin.

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