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Flipping The Bird: 50 Musicians Who Aren’t Happy To See You

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The bird, the one finger salute, the finger. It’s called many different things, but we all know what it means…and it ain’t nice. The obscene hand gesture dates back to the ancient Romans, presumably used during times of intense chariot traffic. But it’s persevered through the ages all the way to today. We all use it from time to time, but the finger is especially potent in (and on) the hands of famous musicians. Whether they’re onstage and asserting their badass-itude, or they’re out on the town and want the paparazzi to get lost, rock and rollers are never afraid to flip you off!

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Friday Face-Off: Candy Overdose Edition! Bruce Springsteen Vs. Iggy Pop

Halloween was yesterday – which means you’re probably still picking caramel out of your teeth… and maybe nursing a hangover. But just ’cause it’s Friday, doesn’t mean all that sugary goodness is finished… in fact, I’ve got an inkling you’ve got a healthy (or not so healthy) leftover supply. I know some rockin’ guys who’ve got a taste for the sweet stuff themselves. You might recognize them? It’s Bruce Springsteen who croons “Candy’s Room” and Iggy Pop who serenades us with “Candy“. So vote now (before you crash from that sugar high) and tell us which guy does “candy” better!

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They’re With the Band! And The Front Man,Too! The 10 Most Celebrated Groupies Ever

Bebe Buell Marianne Faithfull Pamela des Barres

Forget the drugs, the cars, the Grammys, the stadiums of hysterical fans. The real reason musicians even pick up a guitar in the first place? The girls. Since the beginning of the rock era, groupies (or muses, or band-aids) are what make the music world go around, kids! From classy chicks with a penchant for rock star boyfriends/husbands to the quintessential tour bus broads, these ten groupies are the most celebrated of all time.

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The 9 Most Unexpectedly Delightful Musical Collaborations Of 2012

The year is running down, and like everyone else, we are bundling up our most memorable musical moments from the year into a slew of Best Of’s. Before we get to the more obvious lists — the best albums, the best songs — we thought we would have a little fun. First up: 9 delightful collaborations, made all the more so for their unexpectedness. We aren’t talking Watch The Throne-style of-course-they-would team-ups, we’re talking collaborations that we couldn’t in our wildest dreams have imagined or that we thought we would never see, like — well, these nine:

9. Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars, “Safe & Sound”

Barton Hollow is totally “an indie record much cooler than mine,” but more careful observer might have predicted this unlikely but delightful collaboration, as Swift began yammering about her fellow Nashville transplants The Civil Wars on twitter long before this was even a possibility. We, however, were left breathless upon learning that one of the day’s biggest pop stars had teamed-up with one of our favorite You Oughta Know acts — and for a song for such a pivotal moment in the Hunger Games movie, no less! Joy Williams harmonizing turns Taylor’s girlish coo haunting, and John Paul White‘s patient guitar plucking gets the whole thing swirling.  See also: “The Last Time,” Taylor’s distressed duet with Gary Lightbody of Northern Ireland’s mostly absent as of late folk rock set Snow Patrol. Taylor is a slick machine when it comes to her music, and it was a surprise to see her reaching out of bounds for this one.

8. Ke$ha and Iggy Pop, “Dirty Pop”

Hard to believe as it may be given the boom box beats and all the sing-rapping that resulted, Warrior is allegedly a tribute to the genre Ke$ha loves the most: rock and roll. If you really strain your ears, you may hear some of that “old hippie rock” in the breakdown of “Die Young.” You won’t have to try so hard with “Dirty Pop,” which features Iggy Pop, a true and blue rock star and someone Ke$ha has spent a lot of time talking about through the years. The joy she must have felt the first time she heard him call her “Wild Child” on her own song is evident. See also: “2012,” K$’s duet with fellow weirdos The Flaming Lips.

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At Last, Ke$ha’s Ghost Sex Song Has Arrived!

Ke$ha‘s upcoming album Warrior doesn’t hit shelves until December 4, but bits and pieces of the much anticipated Animal followup have begun to hit the ‘net. Amongst the bunch of new K-$ leaks are a “We R Who We R” follow-up, her much-coveted Iggy Pop duet and the song she wrote about that one time with a ghost.

“Supernatural” has Ke$ha sing-rapping praise for post-life fornication. It sounds pretty much like a Ke$ha song — a scorching dance beat, some laser-y synths and a dash of autotune — and doesn’t really get into the nitty-gritty of the ghoulish act, but it does find her YOLO-ing like usual as she encourages: “Get a little bit wrong / Get a little bit wild / Get a little bit high off of this love tonight.” It’s grinding and not for the faint of heart, but — you know, neither is ghost sex. So! Listen while you can over here.

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Legends To Light Up London At The Hard Rock Calling Music Festival: VH1 Will Take You There!

Hard Rock called and we answered! The 7th annual Hard Rock Calling music festival is almost upon us, and VH1’s got your front row ticket and backstage pass. The big event will take place this Friday through Sunday in London’s Hyde Park, and we’ll be there rockin’ out with some of the biggest names in rock ‘n’ roll history! Hard Rock always treats us music fans right, but this year they’ve really spoiled us with some once-in-a-lifetime performances.

Grunge gods Soundgarden will be there playing cuts from their upcoming album, a first in 16 years! Paul Simon is going to celebrate the 25h anniversary of his landmark Graceland album by performing it start to finish, backed by the incredible Ladysmith Black Mambazo group who gave the original recording its timeless sound. Bruce Springsteen will no doubt turn rock ‘n’ roll into an athletic event during his marathon set with the E Street Band, and punk prince Iggy Pop will tear up the stage (and hopefully not himself). Lady Antebellum, Alison Krauss, John Fogerty and Robert Randolph…they’ll all be there to move it and groove it across the pond.

And get this, guys: That’s just the main stage. We’ve got three others to choose from, so get ready for more music than your ears can handle. We’re pleased to report some success stories, as one-time VH1 You Oughta Know artists Dawes and Christina Perri both take the stage. We’ll be sure to catch up with them and see how they like performing along side their idols. There will be tons of surprises along the way, so keep checking back for updates to see what went down in London Town! And also be sure to follow us on twitter (VH1Music) and instagram for up to the minute updates. See ya there!

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Last Lap: Lady Gaga Cooks A Chicken And Looks Amazing Doing It

Lady Gaga Cooks A Chicken And Performs On Alan Carr
Only Lady Gaga can look glamorously couture while cooking a chicken and making jokes with British television personality Alan Carr. The ostentatious star also performed an acoustic version of “Marry The Night” with a huge pink bow on her head. [Idolator]

Lulu Gainsbourg Honors Late Father Serge With A Collaborative Album
A 16-track album, produced by daughter of the late Serge Gainsbourg, Lulu, is set to be released on November 29 featuring covers by Iggy Pop, Rufus Wainwright, The PoguesShane MacGowan, and Johnny Depp. [Consequence Of Sound]

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