by (@kat_george)

Revisit Soul Train: Don Cornelius Interviews Ike & Tina Turner And Plays Basketball With Marvin Gaye

Following the tragic death of Don Cornelius today we’ve been looking back over the archives at some favorite Soul Train moments. Watching old Soul Train clips has us in awe of some of the awesome talent that joined Cornelius in the studio, and we smiled all the way through this footage of the Soul Train host playing basketball against the legendary Marvin Gaye. The two superstars act like boys in a schoolyard, playfully breaking the rules and scuffling across the court. We won’t give away the end result and ruin the above video for you — but there is a clear winner!

Once you’ve digested this video of Cornelius and Gaye going head-to-head on the court, try wrapping your head around this one — a young Ike & Tina Turner being interviewed by Cornelius! Tina dominates the conversation but is wonderfully charming, stating her favorite hobbies as “to skate, to go into the country for a while, and I like being a woman.” Recounting their meeting in St. Louis Tina smiles from ear to ear as she recalls the magical encounter, ending the story with an emphatic “pow!” You can watch the clip after the jump.

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