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Biggest Grammys 2014 Snub? Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman Was Left Out Of The “In Memoriam” Segment!

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Sure, some people might be mad that Kendrick Lamar lost the Best Rap Album Grammy Award to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, but the most egregious Grammy snub came during the evening’s “In Memoriam” tribute. The Grammy Awards left Slayer‘s Jeff Hanneman and Iron Maiden‘s Clive Burr and off of the In Memoriam montage–despite the fact that Hanneman actually won two Grammys!

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Art Attack! 25 Insanely Ridiculous Illustrated Album Covers

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Warning: Do NOT stare at the album covers in this gallery for more than 5 seconds. Seriously, the art may induce retina damage…or just cause your mind to explode trying to comprehend the insane illustrations!

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The Greatest Heavy Metal Mascots Of All Time

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Some are creepy. Some are epic. And some are just flat out ridiculous. But they’re all awesome. Since the 1970s they’ve been popping up on your favorite hard rock and heavy metal band’s releases and merchandise, and the trend continues to this very day. Here are the greatest metal mascots to ever grace an album cover, stage, t-shirt or nightmare.

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Friday The 13th Face-Off: Iron Maiden Edition

It’s Friday the 13th. The unluckiest day of the year… or so they say. In light of this dreadful date, let’s keep things dreary with a look at the evil and eerie. Iron Maiden is one band that knows how to cause fright in the night (and frankly, in the daytime too). So give a watch to their videos for “The Number Of The Beast” and “Can I Play With Madness” and vote to decide which song deserves the title Most Superstitious, Vicious and Frightening.

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That Metal Show Top 5 Comeback Albums


Each week fans tune in to That Metal Show to see Eddie, Jim and Don weigh-in and argue about such important subjects as who are hard rock’s Top 5 Most Underrated Guitarists or The Top 5 Jason Newstead Metallica Albums on the TMS Top 5. This season we’re moving the debate online and letting you, the fans, make your voices heard in our weekly TMS Top 5 polls.

Saturday on That Metal Show, the boys debated what were the best comeback albums in hard rock and heavy metal history. Peep the final list along with Eddie, Jim and Don’s selections and then cast your votes below and let us know where you think these albums rate. You can vote as many times for as many different albums as you like and don’t forget to check back every week for more TMS Top 5 countdowns and watch That Metal Show on VH1 Classic every Saturday night at 11/10C!

TMS Top 5 Comeback Albums

1. AC/DC Back in Black
2. Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell
3. Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard of Ozz
4. Iron Maiden Brave New World
5. Deep Purple Perfect Strangers

Eddie Trunk
1. AC/DC Back in Black
2. Deep Purple Perfect Strangers
3. Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell
4. Anthrax Worship Music
5. Metallica Death Magnetic

Jim Florentine
1. Aerosmith Permanent Vacation
2. Iron Maiden Brave New World
3. Alice In Chains Black Gives Way To Blue
4. Judas Priest Painkiller
5. Buckcherry 15

Don Jamieson
1. AC/DC Back In Black
2. Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell
3. Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard of Ozz
4. Accept Blood Of The Nations
5. Lita Ford Living Like A Runaway

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Former Iron Maiden Drummer Clive Burr Dies


Metal fans arose today to the tragic news that original Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr had died from health complications due to Multiple Sclerosis. Burr was the drummer on the band’s first three albums which cemented their reputation and helped define the heavy metal genre in general and the “New Wave of British Heavy Metal” movement specifically. He was 56.

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That Metal Debate: Top 5 Facial Hair Styles of Rock

There are a few important factors that make hard rock and heavy metal music one of THE best genres in music:
1. Musicians who can head bang and hold a chord
2. The fans (that’s a no-brainer)
3. Facial Hair

I know you probably think we are crazy for even saying that, but can you imagine Ozzy Osbourne with a mustache like Tom SelleckZakk Wylde with a unibrow? Or maybe even KISS with ZZ Top beards? Strange right? (We can only imagine how long it would take to get the paint out.)

Last week on That Metal Show, we were joined by Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) and John 5 who brought nothing less than amazing riffs for the second week in a row as our guest musician. We also paid homage to the rockers with the best facial hair and counted down our TMS Top 5 Facial Hair in Rock with help from heavy metal rocker Marilyn Manson. Here’s our TMS Top 5 list of artists with the Best Facial Hair in Rock:
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AMERICA’S HARD 100, Day 8: Vote To Determine The Greatest Hard Rock Song Of All-Time

The VH1 Classic America’s Hard 100 Countdown Poll is nearing its end but we’ve still got more classic hard rock and heavy metal tunes that need sorting and we need your help! We’ve put together a list of 100 essential rockers but we need you to vote on them to let us know where they should fall in the America’s Hard 100 Countdown when it airs this November.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can vote AS MANY TIMES and for AS MANY SONGS as you want, simply click on “Return To Poll” after your initial ballot. If your favorite hard rock jam is missing from today’s list please click on one of the previous days polls which are still open and keep checking back daily as we add new songs to new lists.

Today shock rocker Marilyn Manson’s “The Beautiful People” faces off against “Motorhead’s speed rock standard “Ace Of Spades,” unstoppable blooze rockers Aerosmith’s poetic power ballad “Dream On” and rabble-rousing rap-metal pioneers Rage Against The Machine’s “Bulls On Parade” among others.

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AMERICA’S HARD 100, Day 5 – Vote To Determine The Greatest Hard Rock Song Of All-Time

VH1 Classic Presents America's Hard 100

The VH1 Classic America’s Hard 100 Countdown Poll is almost half-over and there’s still tons of classic hard rocking tunes coming your way for you to vote on and help us rank! Every day we post more and more legendary tracks and ask YOU, the FANS, to let us know which are your favorites and where they should land in the countdown when America’s Hard 100 airs in November.

Today’s poll pits New Wave Of British Heavy Metal standard bearers Iron Maiden against brooding industrial rockers Nine Inch Nails, 90s mosh-pit titans Pantera and metal’s greatest voice, the almight and greatly-missed Ronnie James Dio among others!

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