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Find Out Which Big-Hearted Rappers Give Back To Their Hometowns In Big Ways


Since before Rakim rhymed about getting “Paid In Full,” rappers have been obsessed with that dollar bill (y’all). They rap about trying to get it, what they’d do with it if they had it and all the problems it creates. And they should know, as no one knows how to spend it in style like a hip hop star. There are however, a significant number of MCs who have decided to put their money back into the communities that raised them. From California to the Carolinas, famous rappers have helped fund charities, college scholarships and community centers. See which big-hearted rappers have given back in big ways and find how they’re paying it forward to help the next generation.

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Rappers Love To Name Drop Floyd Mayweather Jr.


Everyone wants to join Floyd Mayweather Jr.‘s money team but very few can make that dream a reality. Mayweather recently posted a NSFW Instagram video of 10 girls twerking just for him. That’s right, while everyone else tries to latch themselves onto Money Mayweather by shouting him out on tracks, Mayweather is living the American dream. Check out every single time Mayweather got name dropped in a rap song before returning to your very average life.

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