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Tuned In: Robyn Dances On Her Own For Saturday Night Live Hosted By Katy Perry

On a Katy Perry hosted episode of Saturday Night Live, Robyn gave an impeccable performance of her songs “Dancing On My Own” and “Call Your Girlfriend.” One of the few solo performers that can carry a live act alone, Robyn manages to captivate with high energy, perfect vocals and killer dance moves that require no extra fuss or frills. The best part is, while Robyn is a joy to watch, her lyrics are… well… a tad depressing! Despite that Robyn still makes toes tap, even when she’s be jilted by her lover and is left dancing on her own. Add an introduction by the adorable, newly blonde-bobbed Katy Perry, and you’ve got a recipe for pop deliciousness.

WATCH: Robyn performing “Call Your Girlfriend” on Saturday Night Live.
WATCH: Robyn performing “Dancing On My Own” on Saturday Night Live.

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