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15 Classic Songs With Truly Tragic Backstories


Musicians are known for being a sad bunch. They often channel their feelings in a much more refined way than you or I am capable of — song, and we love them for it. Some artists in particular were affected by a tragedy in one way or another, and retold the story through song. Others produced songs that had tragic backstories. From James Taylor‘s “Fire And Rain” to Led Zeppelin‘s “All My Love,” here are 15 classic songs associated with real-life tragic tales.

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10 Obscure Songs That Feature Secret Appearances From Paul McCartney


In addition to penning the soundtrack for a generation, it’s sometimes overlooked that Sir Paul McCartney is one of the most gifted multi-instrumentalists of all time. The man plays more things than you can believe, sometimes all on the same song.  He’s a venerable one man band! And he’s never shy about spreading the love, quietly guesting on a number of songs large and small over the years. He just loves to play! So in honor of today being the musical genius’ 72nd birthday, we’ve decided to take a look back at 10 songs that feature a secret dose of Beatle. Read on for some obscure songs you probably never realize Macca had a hand in recording!

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Live Fast, Die Old: 20 Rock Bad Boys Who Have Stayed Alive


We’ve probably all heard of the motto that proclaims, “Live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse.” Some of our favorite rock stars of all time only seem to have gotten to the “live fast” part.

For whatever reason–good luck, great genes, or maybe lots of Tai Chi–the 20 bad boys on our list did every drug imaginable, slept with every person they could find, drank every drink in sight and are still somehow with us as old men.

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Taylor Swift Performed With Selena Gomez And James Taylor Last Night (Proving All Our Awesome Predictions Wrong)

With the ghost of Biggie nowhere to be seen, Taylor Swift still managed to invite some incredibly impressive guests to join her on stage last night at her Madison Square Garden show. When Taylor welcomed BFF Selena Gomez to the stage to sing with her, we were half hoping the two would cover Nicki Minaj‘s “Super Bass” after their fan-girl display at the AMAs. Unfortunately, we had no such luck, but we were just as delighted with their adorable performance of “Who Says.” Taylor also performed with legendary singer/songwriter James Taylor (who she was named after). Describing the circumstances as “magical,” Taylor played “Fire And Rain” and “Fifteen” (video below) with her namesake, and proved that “magical” was somewhat of an understatement.

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Find Out What Time Your Favorite Performers Will Be Appearing On The Concert For New York City: 10 Years Later will be streaming a special, one-time only re-broadcast of the Concert For New York City this Sunday afternoon, September 11th, starting at 4 p.m. ET; the entire broadcast will also be shown commercial-free on VH1 that afternoon, too. As a nation reflects back on the tenth anniversary of the most horrific attack to ever occur on American soil, we here at VH1 will be focused on remembering the way that the artistic community came together during the difficult days and weeks after 9/11 to not only to pay respect to those who lost their lives that day, but also to honor the heroes that emerged in the aftermath of the terrorist attack.

The Concert For New York City: 10 Years Later is being hosted by native New Yorker Ed Burns, and will feature memorable, once-in-a-lifetime performances from the likes of Paul McCartney, The Who, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, Jay-Z, Destiny’s Child and many, many more. In order to make sure that you don’t miss the performances of your favorite artists, we’ve put together this handy schedule for you of who will be streaming/appearing on-air when. We hope you find it helpful!

And remember, even though it’s 10 years later, the Robin Hood Relief Fund could still use your assistance. Follow along for a schedule of when to tune-in to see the show’s most captivating moments…

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Sting’s Show: Top 5 Rainforest Quotes


Everyone’s getting green these days. No one want to die. Smaller cars, less paper, better recycling – it’s finally sinking in. One dude that’s been ahead of the curve vis a vis the elimination of greenhouse gases is Sting, and as much as wiseacres once teased him as a strident do-gooder, they’re thanking now him for being on the case. Each year the singer and his wife Trudie Styler corral an array of musicians at Carnegie Hall and put on a fundraiser to further one of their prime concerns, repopulating rainforests around the world. This year it takes place in on Thursday, May 8. Feist, Billy Joel, Brian Wilson, James Taylor and many other are on board. Here are the show specifics. In a recent chat, Sting filled us in on a few facts about the subject that’s so close to his heart. Ready for five intriguing quotes?

1. “You can’t save the rainforest all at once; you have to save bits of it at a time, and hope the idea will grow. And it kind of has. We’ve raised $25 million over the past 20 years. We’re now on four continents – Asia, Africa, Central and South America. And we’re helping indigenous people to protect themselves.”

2. “It’s important that we conserve energy where we live, and it’s important that we reduce transport emissions. But greenhouse gases are caused by deforestation – by a lot. That comes from real facts. What’s warming up the planet is the destruction of the rainforest. More and more, people around the world are getting the idea that this is one planet and what we do one part of it effects all of us. It’s a growing realization – particularly among young people.”

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