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Vote For The Top 5 Jason Newsted Era Metallica Albums


The TMS Top 5 is an institution on That Metal Show. Each week fans tune in to see Eddie, Jim and Don weigh-in and argue about such important subjects as The Top 5 Black Sabbath Riffs and The Top 5 Iron Maiden Albums. This season we’re moving the debate online. Each week we’ll be posting a new topic and the boys picks and then we’ll let the fans vote to decide which choices come out on top.

This week in honor of the season 12 premiere episode guest we’re asking you to vote for your favorite Jason Newsted Era Metallica Albums. From his full-length debut on 1988’s …And Justice For All (and yes we know his recorded debut was on The $5.98 E.P.: Garage Days Re-Revisited EP, but that’s an EP, not an album) through their self-titled commercial breakthrough and up through the controversial S&M album, Jason laid down the bass on some of the band’s most well known and best-loved songs.

Check out Eddie, Jim and Don’s picks and then you can vote for your favorites albums below.  You can vote as many times for as many different albums as you like and see where they rate.  Don’t forget to check back every week for more TMS Top 5 countdowns and watch That Metal Show on VH1 Classic every Saturday night at 11/10C!

Eddie Trunk
1. Metallica (The Black Album)
2. And Justice For All
3. Load
4. Garage Inc.
5. ReLoad

Jim Florentine
1. And Justice For All
2. Load
3. Metallica (The Black Album)
4. Garage Inc.
5. ReLoad

Don Jamiseon
1. Metallica (The Black Album)
2. And Justice For All
3. Load
4. Garage Inc.
5. Live Sh*t: Binge & Purge


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Exclusive: Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith, Jason Newsted, And Lars Ulrich Confirmed For Appearances In That Metal Show: Season 10

As exciting as the last season of VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson are back for the tenth season of the show that’s revered by metalheads and musicians alike, and although the show won’t be back until Saturday, March 31, we just got our hands on a sneak preview of the first batch of confirmed guests and it’s a DOOZY.

Leading the way will be a first time That Metal Show appearance by Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden, which we are totally geeking out in anticipation of. “I’ve known the Maiden guys for a long time and been a fan since day one,” host Eddie Trunk told us. “They are easily one of the most requested bands to have a member of on TMS. Because they are such a global band it’s been hard to track them down, but thrilled we were able to catch up with Adrian. It will be cool because we don’t hear from him often, he’s a great guy, has a huge history with the band, and has a new side project to discuss.”

We asked Eddie if there’s any chance that he’d dress up as Iron Maiden’s infamous mascot, Eddie The Head, for the show. His reply? “I do have a mask, so you never know…”

Also on the docket this season will be appearances from Jason Newsted (another TMS newbie!), Metallica‘s Lars Ulrich, Motorhead‘s Lemmy Kilmister and the one and only Alice Cooper. “We’re super psyched about this lineup, as is Eddie Trunk. “I’m so excited about the evolution of the show, having rock and metal artists, and first time and returning guests,” he told us. “I love all the variety and am thrilled for a huge 2012!”

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