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Beyonce Registers Support For Same Sex Marriage Via Instagram

Beyonce Supports Same Sex Marriages

If you have yet to figure out why all of your friends’ have changed their Facebook profile picture to a silver “equals” sign against a red background, it probably means that you need to broaden the scope of the websites you visit. For the rest of you, the topic that’s naturally on everyone’s mind this week is same sex marriage, as the Supreme Court is currently investigating whether or not DOMA (Defense Of Marriage Act) should be upheld or stricken from the books. Hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people are registering their support for the Supreme Court to overturn the act by changing their Facebook profile pictures, but Beyoncé took it a step further: She posted a handwritten note supporting same sex marriage to her BaddieBey Instagram account.

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#RANKED: Mariah Carey’s 43 Best Songs


Today is Mariah Carey‘s birthday, and as a companion piece to Mariah’s 43 best facial expresions, we wanted to celebrate this glorious occasion by counting down her 43 all-time best songs. Since her debut LP, Mariah Carey, dropped back in 1990, no other artist has had the kind of chart success that Mimi has enjoyed: 27 Top 10 singles —18 of which went all the way to #1— and six albums that topped the Billboard 200. So, what we’re saying is that there was a lot of debate about what songs from her amazing catalog should make the list. Read more…

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14 Famous Pairs Who Should Double Date Jay-Z & Beyoncé


When they’re not perfecting their brands, texting with the POTUS and FLOTUS, or plotting world domination, Jay-Z and Beyoncé deserve some down time to relax and hang out with stars as bright as themselves. But with Kanye and Kim in new baby mode and Jessica Biel too tame a companion to hang with alongside Justin Timberlake, this glamorous couple is in the market for new besties.

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20 Women Whose Careers Popped Because Of A Man


Don’t wave your ‘this is sexist’ flags just yet. At least hear us out. We haven’t gone all Tommy Mottola or Clive Davis on you by claiming these women owe their success to men. Woosah.

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The Fake Chris Brown Murdered The Fake Jay-Z (And Other Hilarious Dramatic Liberties Last Night’s Law & Order:SVU Took)


We could take or leave procedurals as a television genre, but resistance against the Ripped From The Headlines trope has proven to be futile for us as viewers. Even though we generally don’t think twice about tuning into an episode of Law & Order: SVU (or any show in the L&O family, for that matter), when news first broke last week that the show was taking a cue from the volatile relationship between Chris Brown and Rihanna, we immediately went home and set our DVR. Read more…


“Hottest MCs In The Game VIII” Is Back: Who Will Take The Crown?

Everybody’s got an opinion on who’s the hottest MC in the game, but opinions are like that one thing that everyone has. For MTV’s “Hottest MCs In The Game VIII” only a crop of hip-hop aficionados’ voices matter. The roundtable is back to pick one, and only one MC, for the title. Read more…