20 MORE Amazing Songs About Butts


By Chris Carpenter (@chriscarplive)

Last year—after many grueling hours of scientific research and consultations with booty experts—we compiled a list of the 15 greatest songs about butts. However, with so much booty in this world (right, Kim Kardashian?) we think it’s time to wow you with 20 more great songs about butts. (Jingle, jingle. Christmas came early, booty lovers.) While our original list is still pretty great (awesome, even) – we regretfully left out a few wondrous jams dedicated to juicy derrieres. The booties were super sad about that. Our bad! And being alive during a booty-obsessed year (right, Amber Rose?)—where Jason Derulo begged butts worldwide to do some wiggling and J.Lo and Iggy Azeala’s moneymakers went cheek-to-cheek in the steamy “Booty” video—it’s only right that we pay homage to newfangled, booty-inspired, musical masterpieces. So. Many. Bums.


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Throwback R&B Couples That We Wish Stayed Together


-By Seher Sikandar

With the revolving door of celebrity relationships, it can be difficult to take anything seriously sometimes.  Yet a handful of R&B artist couples inspired love in the masses.  Witnessed by the world, these pairs entered our mushy little hearts, too.  And when they split, our universe crumbled and our meanings of life and love were questioned.  Why?  WHY!  We don’t know why, but what we do know is who need to get their lives together and get back together. Come on Usher and Chili —don’t leave us this way!

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by (@kat_george)

The Most Hilarious South Park Musician Parodies That Still Make Us Laugh Forever

South Park

The folks at South Park do not mess around. When they parody someone, they go all out. And with famous musicians, there’s just so much fodder. You remember the Kanye West “gay fish” saga (which we’re pretty sure Kanye is still moody about). Show writers Trey Parker and Matt Stone can literally never run out of musicians to parody because, like Yeezy, musicians will always do things that warrant parodying. Hell, even if they don’t, South Park will parody them anyway. The latest musician to find themselves on the SP chopping block is VH1 You Oughta Know superstar Lorde, who unlike Kayne, has been a very good sport about it all.

But Kayne and Lorde aren’t the only ones to get the cartoon treatment. Jennifer Lopez has been a hand puppet, Bono has been a giant turd, Barbara Streisand has been a dinosaur, Celine Dion was married to Terence (of Terence and Philip fame) and Stevie Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac as a goat. When you put it like that, Lorde got off pretty easy. Unfortunately, we couldn’t fit all the wonderful musician cameos on SP into this list (there’s SO many!), so instead we’ve made a list of the best musician parodies from the shows’ 18 seasons.


Jennifer Lopez Redefines Meaning of Bootylicious in New Video

In case you didn’t know, Jennifer Lopez has a big butt and in her latest video for “Booty,” she’s working with what God gave her. On her newest single from A.K.A., Lopez teams up with Iggy Azalea for a catchy, boombastic song that leaves nothing to the imagination. This is record (and subsequent video) is a victory lap for the singer and actress who has practically built a career around her biggest asset.

In the new video, Lopez and Azalea celebrate their curves with four straight minutes of rump-shaking, booty-tooching, assercise, and plenty of congratulatory butt slaps. Read more…